Greyhound Newsletter 9/9/22

Off To A Great Start!

What a great first week!

We have had a fantastic start to the year. We know there's always quite a bit of confusion, stress, changes, and anxiety as new school years begin, so remember we have lots of staff here and ready to offer support and reassurance! Reach out to teachers, counselors, social workers, coaches, administrators, clerical staff, and paraprofessionals you may know if you or your student are still struggling with anything. We are here to help!

Today we celebrate the First Friday of the School Year with an extended assembly in the morning. Our students will be introduced to some of the key helpers in the building, some of our clubs and activities, and our fall sports. After school Exec Board will be hosting a student tailgate in the plaza out the front door starting at 4:30. All of our students are invited to grab dinner, play some yard games, and get to know each other before the football game begins at 6.

Following the game, the First Friday Dance will begin ($5). The plan is to hold the dance outside in the courtyard by the concession stand as soon as the game fans have cleared out (usually around 8:30). In the event of rain, the dance will move inside but students will not be admitted until after the game is over and our staff are ready to start admitting them.

**ONLY CURRENTLY ENROLLED DULUTH EAST STUDENTS ARE ADMITTED. This includes any students with primary enrollment at East. If you're not sure, check Infinite Campus or call our office. If most of your day is at East, or if you're full-time PSEO out of East, your primary enrollment remains East. If most of your day is with another school, including online, your primary enrollment is that school. We will be checking records at the gate as our students may not have their IDs in time.

Duluth East Apparel and Gear Store

This is a fundraiser for our Hound Pack 9th Grade Orientation Teams! Deadline to order is September 11!

Drop Off, Pick Up, and Student Drivers: BE READY TO WAIT! Traffic overloads make for long wait times to get in and out of East every day.

Parking, Drop Off, and Pick Up - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

*If you drop off and/or pick up your student from East any day, be prepared for this to take 15-30 minutes or more.

The building closes to students at 3:45 each day. Unless they are with an advisor, coach, or teacher, all students are moved into the foyer area to wait for their ride. While we would love to be open to students after hours, we are not staffed to safely supervise them.

Please read the following reminders that were sent last week. Some helpful tips, particularly with pick up after school when the area around East can be very unsafe: Arrange for your student to meet you a couple of blocks away if you can find a safe spot to wait. Another option is to wait until 3:45 if you can; traffic is easing up by then and the buses are typically gone, which opens up Greyhound Drive, too.

Even if you think you can do it quickly, you may not stop in front of the school for drop off.

It results in backups on the road, the driveway lanes being used for wrong-way traffic, and a whole lot of blind spots, frustration, and anger for those trying to get in and out.

No stopping to wait in front of the school along the sidewalk, in the turn lane on 40th, or around the flagpole and fire hydrant.

DROP OFF and PICK UP Reminders

1. NEVER stop in the turn lane or the fire lane in front of the school. We try to have a staff member or Officer Stauber out there to remind you, but you really need to remember that on your own. This creates incredibly dangerous situations for our school community.

2. In the morning, drop off by pulling all the way into the main lot or by stopping on Greyhound Drive. Doors 4 and 5 on Greyhound Drive are open in the morning.

3. Pick up after school is equally chaotic. Again - DO NOT STOP in front of the school or in the turn lane on 40th.

4. Do not pull into the staff lot for pick up unless you are waiting in an empty parking spot.

5. If you are picking up a student after school, please pull into a parking spot in the main lot to wait. Do not stop in the driving lanes, which includes the lanes around the flagpole/fire hydrant area.

Student Parking Reminders

1. Parking passes are being distributed today and Monday until we run out. Starting Monday, students MUST have a pass to park in the main lot, the staff lot, or the church lot.

2. Students MAY NOT park on Greyhound Drive or in the Stadium Lot, EVER.

3. Students may NEVER park in a visitor spot or a spot marked for any other staff member or purpose.

4. Cars that aren't in officially marked parking spots (BETWEEN TWO LINES) will be ticketed and may be towed. Do not block driving lanes!

Stay safe, Greyhounds! Despite these reminders and pleas, we will have MANY who do not follow these instructions. Use caution as you approach the school area and as you walk in and out! The area around East can be dangerous from about 8:45-9:00 A.M. and is extremely congested between 3:20 and 3:45 P.M.

The final day to add or drop a course without penalty is Friday, September 16.

ALICE School Safety Training

We know that school safety is, unfortunately, a conversation that happens with increasing frequency in many homes. We have done our best to keep our families informed and our students and staff trained in our response protocols. In case you have any questions about what our response in Duluth Public Schools will be, we are sending this reminder.

The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. We strive to regularly evaluate policies and procedures to help us with this mission. Though we remain hopeful a school safety event, such as an active threat is something we never have to face, we must do our best to prevent, prepare, and train for such an event to provide the highest level of safety for our students.

In preparation for school safety events and in partnership with the Duluth Police Department and St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, the Duluth School District adopted the ALICE model. ALICE is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate and is endorsed by federal, state and local law enforcement officials. We began training in this model in the 2018-2019 school year.

School safety is a top priority, and we want to get it right. Part of ALICE requires that as much information as possible is given when Alerting and Informing, including clearly announcing when it is a drill and not an immediate threat. Before drills are conducted with students, we work with classes annually to help them understand what we are doing re-teaching the strategies. It is critical that staff and students know that they have options, and any decision made will be based on the situation and the best information available. You'll see planned drills on our East calendar. We may move the dates based on student and school needs, but we won't move them far.

Talking about ALICE

Should I talk about ALICE with a child in my care?

Discussions about ALICE are the choice of the parent/guardian. If ALICE is discussed, it is important to be calm and keep any information very simple. You can view our East ALICE presentations for this year here. They will be reviewed with students the second week of school and again during the week of the drills:

Tentative East ALICE ("Lockdown") Skills Drills 22-23:

  • Friday, September 16, 2022: Evacuation Locations (view slideshow) During this drill we will show the procedural slideshow.
  • October 6, 2022: Lockdown with Barricade Strategies (view slideshow)
  • November 10, 2022: Lockdown with Barricade and Counter Strategies (view slideshow)
  • December 12, 2022: Lockdown with Barricade and Counter Strategies
  • In April or May of 2023, we will run a drill to practice multiple strategies as additional information is given during the drill so staff and students can discuss how they may adjust their plans as more information comes.

Should I talk with a child in my care after the training?

Again, as a parent/guardian, this is your choice. Older students may be interested in talking about what they would do in an emergency situation. Follow your child’s lead and keep the opportunities to talk open. Our schools hold these drills five times per year, along with five fire drills, so questions or concerns may come up later. Students are accustomed to various drills, so a child in your care may see this discussion as something routine.

What if a child in my care asks a question about this procedure and I don’t know how to answer?

The staff at your child’s school are able to support students who have questions. You can say that you’re not sure, but it’s a good question and you’ll help find an answer. You may encourage an older child to ask their teacher because other students may have the same question and ask them to share the answer with you.

What if a child in my care expresses fears about safety?

It’s important to remember that we talk about ways to stay safe so that we can be prepared if something happens. If a child in your care is worried, your teacher, principal, school counselor, or school social worker is an excellent resource.

What can we do to help prevent a school safety event?

  • If in doubt, talk to an adult to make a report -- don’t spread rumors!

  • Contact your Principal, Duluth Police Dept. (911) or Mobile Crisis Unit (218-623-1800)

  • Investigators will determine if the threat has substance and what next steps will be taken

  • Our schools and community partners have resources available to support children and families.

What if a child in my care has special needs?

Students with special needs are planned for ahead of time, given their individualized situations. A student may have a Individual Safety Plan or Positive Behavior Support Plan, which would provide additional specific information on how to meet the student’s needs. If a student cannot evacuate, the safety plan would explain how to fortify their location. When students with special needs are included in the general education class, teachers need to decide what is in the child’s best interest ahead of time. We cannot give a one-size-fits-all answer to the situations involving a student with special needs. The school must consider each case individually.

These are not easy things to discuss or even think about. Feeling empowered to act to keep yourself and others with you as safe as possible can be very reassuring. Thank you, as always, for your support of your students, our staff, and our entire East school community!

Visit the Birch Log Yearbook Page Today on the East Webpage!

The sooner you order a yearbook, the lower the cost. Right now you can order for $80 (savings of $20). This price goes until September 16. For a limited time you can also get four free icons to personalize your yearbook. Don't miss out on the best deals!

Do you want to...

Printed Planners are available for all students in the office!

SENIORS ONLY: Late Start/Early Release and Open Campus Lunch Forms

Seniors are only allowed to take one period off as an early release or late start. If you are currently scheduled for a study hall in that period, you will remain in that study hall, required to attend, until the Early Release/Late Start Form is completed and turned in to the office and your counselor changes your enrollment. Seniors who have a late start or early release AND a study hall MUST be in attendance for the study hall in order for your enrollment to be considered full time.

We are allowed to have open campus for lunch as long as the parent/guardian and student agree to the following conditions. Failure to meet these conditions may result in the privilege of open campus being revoked for the student and possibly for the entire senior class. Students MUST have this completed form submitted by the parent/guardian in order to be allowed to leave campus.

You MUST have your student ID on its lanyard and in order to be allowed to leave at lunch. Those students with a completed form will receive a sticker for the back, making it easily identifiable by supervisory staff and principals at the door.

JUNIORS ONLY: Home Lunch Option 2022-2023

For this year ONLY, Duluth Public Schools will be allowing 11th grade students to go HOME for lunch with parent/guardian permission. This will allow for greater social distancing for those students, and will allow for smaller numbers and more distancing in the cafeterias. The following conditions must be agreed upon and adhered to, or the student’s privilege to leave campus for lunch will be revoked for the remainder of the year. This is not an open lunch for our 11th graders; we are allowing parents/guardians to approve their coming home for lunch for this year only.

This one must be a printed paper form so we can truly verify the parent/guardian signature. Paper copies are available in the office or by printing here:

2022-2023 Parent/Guardian Permission for Junior Lunch Release

Juniors will not be allowed to leave for lunch until the paper form is turned in and they have their student ID badge with the approval sticker on it.

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Counseling Department and Career Center Newsletter

Please follow this link each time to view updates from the Counseling Offices

Counseling Office Notes: Welcome, New Counselors!

Duluth East College and Training Fair!

What are you going to do once you graduate from high school?

Go to college? Learn a technical skill?

For help with your decision, come to the Minnesota Education Fair. Nearly 75 educational institutions from across the nation will have displays and representatives there to talk to you about your questions and your plans.

Don’t miss this opportunity being hosted right at East!

WHAT: Minnesota Education Fair by the Minnesota Association for College Admission Counseling

WHEN: Tuesday, September 20, 6:00-7:30 P.M.

WHERE: Duluth East High School

WHO: High school students-parents are also welcome

WHY: To learn about your choices after graduation

COST: Admission is free!

PRE-REGISTER:, create a personal barcode to be scanned at the fair by the colleges that you are interested in. This also serves as your check-in to the fair and takes less than 2 minutes! The day after the fair, you will receive a report with information on the colleges with whom you scanned.

Counseling Office Contacts:


Jen LaBelle, Registrar: ext 2143,

Jamie Savre, Counselor (A-E): ext 2154,

Jessica Forsman, .8 Counselor (F-Ka): ext 2041,

Alaina Abraham, Counselor (Ke-Q): ext 1121,

Laura Horton, Counselor (R-Z): ext 2148,

Dave Bergan, Counselor (9th Grade): ext 1345,

Meeting Mental Health Needs

Click for resources both at East and in our local community for supporting student and family mental health.

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East Events Calendar (Draft in progress!)

This is the summary document of all major events at EHS. For full details and team schedules, visit the link at the end of the newsletter. *ALL DATES AND EVENTS ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE due to COVID, weather, etc.

Purchase Tickets to an East Event/Game

Tickets can be purchased online in advance and at the door/gate with cash, check, or card. Avoid the lines! Purchase online and have your e-ticket ready to scan as you enter.

Activities Office News

Activities Office Contacts


Lynn Carlson, Clerical/Treasurer: ext 1321,

Shawn Roed, Activities Director: ext 2151,

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Full Activities and Facility Schedule

This calendar has details about practices, games, rehearsals, and events in our facilities.

Notes and Resources from Outside Agencies (Not ISD 709)

Duluth Farm to School Fundraiser: Whole Foods Co-Op Round Up in September!

Great News! - Duluth Farm to School has been selected as Whole Foods Co-Op’s September Round Up at the Register Recipient.

The Round Up at the Register Program is part of Whole Foods Co-op’s GIVE program. Shoppers make a difference in their community through small donations at the register by rounding up their purchases.
Duluth Farm to School supports the 9 school gardens in the district along with K-12 cross-curricular based lessons and tastings. Duluth Farm to School is primarily funded via a grant through Essentia Health with fiscal agents being St. Louis County Public Health and Duluth Community School Collaborative.

Funds raised through the WF Round Up will be used for school garden repairs, upgrading garden equipment, tastings and overall program sustainability. We appreciate your help by rounding up at the register when shopping at Whole Foods in September.

For more information about the September Farm to School Round Up check out the following video link and help spread the word about this great fundraising opportunity.

Video Link -

Duluth East All-Night Grad Party 2023

The first ANGP meeting to kick-off the 2022-23 school year is Wednesday, September 28 at 6 P.M. in the Duluth East Commons.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please join us at our first meeting where we will recap last June's ANGP, brainstorm ideas for the Class of 2023, and review areas of oversight and opportunities for involvement.

Opportunities include

  • Food Coordinator
  • Entertainment
  • Fundraising and Promotions Lead
  • Logistics (transportation/student backpack processing)
  • Treasurer
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Venue Coordinator
  • Social media/communications
  • Website/Registration

If you have questions or would like to confirm your participation, please contact Charity Johnson at or text 218-590-8974.

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Duluth East High School

Principal: Danette Seboe

Assistant Principals: Jon Flaa, Kyle Rock

Activities Director: Shawn Roed