Life on the goldfields


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A diary entry by William Riley

Today I got up so tired of sleeping on rocks. Woke up so many times during the night. I had breakfast, then I got my tools and headed to the golfirelds. I didn’t find any gold today. I am furious that I had to pay 20 shillings for this permit. I had to do something about it.So i got my tools and went to the gold fields.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I was so furious I missed breakfast I got my tools and went to the goldfields. I finally found gold and I was so happy I grabbed it I was crying with joy. I tried to sell to the gold merchant before I even got to him, I got robbed! I kept on trying to find the robber but I didn’t have a chance, because he got his horse and bolted. I was so depressed I never went to the gold fields again.