Is your future worth the sacrifice?


Cost of persuining

In the story “The Great Gatsby”, Gatsby’s cost of loving and caring for Daisy has cost his life dreams and eventually his life. Gatsby takes the blame for Daisy hitting and killing Georges wife Myrtle. “Next to him stood a motorcycle policeman taking down names..”(fitzgerald 138) Gatsby first has to avoid the police but later, George finds out and murders Gatsby ruining his future with Daisy and his future in general. George ruins his whole future by making the decision of killing Gatsby"I told her she might fool me but she couldn't fool God"(fitzgerald 156) out of anger and frustration for killing his wife even though it was Daisy.

Real world Example

Famous people ruin their future to pursue their dreams every day. One of the most famous examples would be Lindsey Lohan, she went from child star and very famous to fall of drug addict and ruined her whole future and career by letting fame get to her. Lindsey ruined her future by making choices of drinking and driving and recreational marijuana use.The latest controversy is pictures of Lindsey putting a gun in her mouth and talking pictures with a handgun. Bloggers and photographers agree and say "never joke and make jokes with guns".

Is the cost worth it and realistic?

People who are following their dreams have to worry about not making their dream or not going through with it and that ruining or sacrificing their whole future. A lot of people would agree that attaining their goal at the risking or ruining their future is well worth it and a lot of people have done this and are continuing to do it. This goal is very realistic it happens to a lot of famous rappers including one of the most famous now Chief Keef, he comes from the ghettos of Chicago and follow his dream risking everything and now has made it.

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