Fifth Grade News

Bradley/Medeiros Team

Happy Friday!

We've had a great (but long!) week in 5th. Today we FINALLY finished up nonfiction research presentations in ELA and most of our social studies colony presentations, I think, in Bradley's class, anyway! I think they've really enjoyed learning about the 13 colonies and our next SS unit will be "The Road to the Revolution"!


Next week we are back to Science and will begin a 5-week study on ecosystems. They'll take a pretest next week and work on some of the vocabulary. They should be back to studying vocab nightly and bringing home their notes starting the week of Nov. 28th. Remember, the science content and vocab get tougher and more complex as we go through the year, so students really need to practice studying!

In ELA, we are in a historical fiction unit, so there is some overlap with social studies, too. Students are writing and performing historical fiction plays this week and next. A few that I've seen so far have been excellent--and hysterical! They are so creative! I filmed a few so I'll try to upload them to the website. We are looking at setting, point-of-view, theme, and building background knowledge while reading historical fiction. It's a nice set-up to our next unit on social issues in literature.

In Math, students are still working on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. Practicing those multiplication facts is half the battle! Practice, practice!

In DARE, they are still working on lessons but Officer Drake is beginning to work on the essay with them. This is the written component of DARE where students show their knowledge and the skills they've learned over the year to help them resist drugs and alcohol. This essay is completed at school and Officer Drake will choose some students to read them aloud during DARE graduation in the spring. I can't even believe we're thinking about graduation now, but it will be here before we know it!

Random Things...

PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO PACK A SNACK & WATER BOTTLE. (The "unflippable" kind, if there is such a thing. Thanks.)

*Camp Thunderbird is December 1st!

It's coming up in two weeks! Thanks so much to all who are sending in snacks and water--it is so appreciated! Chaperones will get an email from me about expectations next week. Thank you for volunteering your time, we appreciate that, too! Remember, students WILL NOT RIDE A BUS to/from school on Thursday, Dec. 1st. They must be at school at 6:30 am and have a ride at BES by 6:00 pm.

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