Weekly News

April 13-17

Welcome back!

Ahhh...spring break. I hope you had a rejuvenating two week break. It's back to business, and we have so much to accomplish!

6th Grade Panoramic Photo

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14, is our 6th grade panoramic photo. :)

4th Annual Recycling Competition

This event will take place over two weeks.



Things that count:

  • water bottles
  • aluminum cans
  • sports drinks
  • anything with "CA CASH VALUE" or "CA CRV" on label

There are two drop off locations:

  1. Front gate
  2. Cafeteria area

Bags need to be labeled with the grade level only.

The winning grade earns prizes.

Over $5000 has been raised to help Garden Science, Beautification, and the Green Team.

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Field Trip: Marine Science Floating Lab

The Marine Science program is a half-day field trip conducted in the San Diego Bay on a boat outfitted with oceanographic equipment specifically for student use. All marine science activities incorporate major components of the state science framework. The curriculum includes:

Incorporating hands-on learning and major components of the state science framework, students participate in teams, manipulating oceanographic equipment, making observations, and gathering data and specimens from the ocean and sea bottom. Marine Science Floating Lab provides students the opportunity to learn about oceanography with actual observations and experiences on the bay as well as to study marine organisms in their offshore habitat.

Permission slips will go home on Monday, April 13. Please return by Monday, April 20.

The cost is $26. Please make checks to EUSD.

We need seven to eight drivers. Free admission for adults.

Parking costs about $7.


We continue with our poetry unit.

This week's response to literature is on the famous poem, Casey at the Bat by

Ernest Lawrence Thayer.



6.G.A.2 Find the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths by packing it with unit cubes of the appropriate unit fraction edge lengths, and show that the volume is the same as would be found by multiplying the edge lengths of the prism. Apply the formulas V = l w h and V = b h to find volumes of right rectangular prisms with fractional edge lengths in the context of solving real-world and mathematical problems.

6.G.A.4 Represent three-dimensional figures using nets made up of rectangles and triangles, and use the nets to find the surface area of these figures. Apply these techniques in the context of solving real-world and mathematical problems.


VER (true)

VAC (empty)

VIT (life)

Social Studies

Origins of Judaism

We begin our new unit in Social Studies.

Main learning objective: Beliefs and customs played an important role in the development of the culture of the ancient Hebrews.

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Jones