Dr. Suess


Early life

Theodor Seuss Geisel , also known as Dr. Seuss was born March 2,1904, on Howard Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. His parents names were Theodor Robert and Henrietta Seuss Geisel. His father was a brewmaster, and mother put them to bed with chanting from her childhood. He credited his mother with both his ability and desire to create the the rhymes for which he became know for. He had one sister named Marnie, and they had a happy childhood even now it was around World War 1.

Holley Poet

Later life and death

When Ted was a teen he left Spring and when to Dartmouth's humor magazine. He left Dartmouth because he was thrown out for having a drinking party. To please his father who wonted him to be a college professor. He went to Oxford University in England, but his academic studies started to be boring so he toured around England. He meet his first wife Helen Palmor in one of his classes. After their marriage he started cartoons, political cartoons, and training films for the Army. His first big breaks in children books was illustrating boners. His first book was " And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street". His 1st wife died in 1967. Then he got married to his friend Audrey Stone Geiler. He died on September 24 in 1991. He had written 44 children books, and soled over 200 million copies in 15 different languages. He had 11 kids TV specials, a Broadway musical, motion pictures, 2 Academy awards, 2 Emmy awards, a Peabody award, and the Pulitzer suprise.