K-4 Winter Holiday Resources


No matter which holidays you or your students celebrate, December is a wonderful time of year. The Winter holiday season also allows for a unique cultural learning opportunity. I hope the resources below will help you make sure that your students and coworkers are all in the holiday spirit! Happy Holidays!

Learn about the Holidays

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Scholastic offers interactives, lesson plans, recommended books, and more for:

Find lots of different Hanukkah activities, games, stories, videos, and more at this website from JewishKids.org.

Use the ten activities at Holidays Around the World to help your students learn about customs of the season in different cultures. Brief descriptions accompany each lesson, and appropriate grade levels for each activity appear in parentheses. Click any lesson headline for a complete teaching lesson plan.

You can find more ideas on different Pinterest boards, including this one for Hanukkah, this one for Kwanzaa, and this one for Christmas. All of these focus on educational activities for the holidays.

As always, don't forget about checking out YouTube for videos about the different holidays. You'll find Elmo explaining Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

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View the list of GoNoodle's Holiday Brain Breaks

Teacher login only. Videos stream through YouTube.

Get Creative

Educational Games

Many, Many More Educational Holiday Games for:

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Code the Lights on a X-mas Tree on the White House Lawn

After you finish the code, you will be given a time/date that your light pattern will be displayed on the tree on the White House Lawn.

Just for Fun!

View the Student Edition of these Resources

Students can access this from the Current Lessons icon of the Elementary Intranet (Penguin).

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