Mrs. Irick's ELA Classes

Colleyville Middle School

Curriculum Unit Follow Up

Thanks so much for those that made it to Curriculum Night this week. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and discussing the upcoming year. There are a couple of things that I may have missed with all groups. (Remember, English teachers love words!) First, the whole class novel that we will read beginning in January is Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. The book fair has the book on pre-order. It would be very beneficial for each student to have their copies for annotations and being able to read at home. I have class copies, but they can't be written in or taken home. The book fair is open until 10:00 tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Secondly, I wanted to make sure that all understand my grading policy and Friday school policies. See the bullet points below:

  • Daily Grades count 1X in the Skyward
  • Quizzes count 2X
  • Papers/Projects count 3X
  • Late work: If an assignment is 3 or more days late, I will assign Friday School for the student. You will receive a notification. If it is assigned after Wednesday, school will assigned the following week. If the assignment is turned in before Friday school happens, they will not need to attend.

Next, let's revisit homework. Please see the Membean expectations and book page challenge below. The vast majority of all other homework will be centered around work not completed in class or major papers or projects. I do provide class time for papers and projects, but the students will need to work on these some at home. Please know that the major assignments are assigned with at least 1-3 weeks to complete them.

Finally, would you like to see what we do on a daily or weekly basis? Google Classroom has now added a new parent summary feature. YEAH!! Please be looking for an invitation from Salena Smith, CMS librarian, to join Google Classroom daily or weekly summaries. Please say yes and see what wonderful things are going on in our ELA class.

First Nine Weeks Membean Expectations

Each week students are expected to complete 30 minutes of membean practice. This must be completed over the course of 2 days in order to receive full credit. The practice days run from Friday-Thursday. We will begin taking quizzes in 2 weeks. For the next two weeks, students will receive 3 points for each minute practiced and 5 points for each day practiced. Once the quizzes start, there will be one combination grade for the quiz grade and homework. Bonus points are awarded for additional practice each week.


Here is the link for the district wide Reading Initiative. We will be working toward this goal by reading each Friday. It is very important for students to have a book of their choice for class each Friday. The best thing to help students get better at reading is READ! I will provide time for students throughout the year to log their pages. Let me know if you would like to share your experience or a book talk with the students.


ELA Uses for 1:1 Devices

  1. Membean
  2. Written Compositions
  3. Google Classroom assignments
  4. Dictionary
  5. Spell Check
  6. Online reading sites
  7. Destiny
  8. MackinVia
  9. As I come up with more, I'll add them.

****Students should consider bringing their charger everyday. Several students this week have run out of battery by the end of the day, even if they were fully charged at the beginning of the day.

Contact Information

Got a question? Feel free to contact me. Email is typically the fastest way to get a response.