Algebra Announcements

Week 2 (August 24th through August 28th)

Your Children Amaze Me!

I continue to be so proud and amazed of our students. Algebra kids are showing up for virtual school and engaging in the chat and by asking questions and participating. This week students are mastering their digital portfolios. Algebra students will keep digital portfolios in Google Slides summarizing and providing examples of their work daily. They've learned how to add text and pictures, add photos they take, and adjust the style of their portfolio. Check out some of the amazing student portfolio pages below.
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Routine and Missing a Class

The expectation for Algebra students is to make up missing work. This is a high school credit class and we need to make sure students are mastering material. They will have until the end of each grading period to make work up but I hope they will not wait until the end because that will be very overwhelming for each student. I created a weekly routine to help the students understand what is due each week. After each Block class (Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday) students will be expected to complete their portfolio pages. Every Wednesday they will have a practice assignment. Wednesday calls will be optional tutoring calls but Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday calls will introduce new material and should be attended.
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