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Upcoming Professional Development

I have just posted a few new sessions for SMART. Check them out and Register Now!

SMART Table PLC - Final session May 4. Our final session was rescheduled due to conferences - and then when I hurt myself and cancelled all my evening classes for a short bit. This session will be dedicated mostly to sharing of files. Remember, it is an expectation with this PLC that everyone create at least one new activity. Bring your activity on a thumb drive. We will load it to a table, play, and share out with all.

Creating Interactive Lessons with SMART Notebook. Choose from May 12 or June 4. 4:15-7:15 at the PDC. This workshop takes you into the world of creating engaging, interactive lessons for your students using the SMART Notebook software. We will look at lessons you currently do using print materials, and convert them to an interactive format using SMART Notebook. Please come with samples of daily routine activities you do with your students, such as books you use, posters, vocabulary cards, reading and math materials... This class will may be taught using a SMART Interactive Board or Projector, but will focus on the SMART Notebook software which can be used with our without the interactive board or projector.

Creating SMART Table Content, an Online Class. This is a 2 part online class. Learn how to customize or create your own lesson content for use on a SMART Table. Basic knowledge of creating and saving images SMART Notebook recommended. Only for teachers who will have a SMART Table in their building. View resources for complete school listing. This course will include 3 hours of online course participation and an additional 1 hour pay for work on an activity to be turned in. NO clock hours for this course!

Part 1, May 7

Part 2, May 18

Creating SMART Table Content (face to face, onsite class) This is a 2 part onsite class. Learn how to customize or create your own lesson content for use on a SMART Table. Basic knowledge of creating and saving images SMART Notebook recommended. Only for staff who will have a SMART Table in their building. This course will include 4 hours of course participation over 2 sessions. Clock hours available for this course! These sessions are not in our lab, so you need to bring your laptop to these.

Part 1, May 14 PDC Room 4, 4:15-6:15

Part 2, May 21 PDC Room 4, 4:15-6:15

Pictures! Calling all Pictures. If you have pictures of your students at the table, please send them my way.

Additional SMART Table Applications

Throughout the year, we have worked with the default applications SMART Technologies includes in most all their activities, and are part of the SMART Table Toolkit Software. These are: Addition, Addition Plus, Multiple Choice, Hot Spots, Hot Spaces, Media, and Paint. There are many other applications, most built by 3rd part companies. With these, you cannot necessarily edit or create content for those, but the application by itself is wonderful - and at times needed to run activity packs built by those companies. As of today, there are 24 applications available - some worth mentioning are:

  • Puzzle Bubbles
  • Beautiful Bubbles (I LOVE this one!)
  • Octopus Numbers
  • Story Stage
  • Flash Cards
  • A is for

You cannot download an application to a thumb drive and load it to the table. To load these, from the table itself, search for SMART Table Applications as the file type. You might want to just download all of them - then they are always on the table and ready to be used with any activity pack you download that might use them.

Awesome SMART Table Activities

A frequent question I get is are there any specific activities that would benefit SLP's or counselors if they use the table as part of their work with their students. I saw an activity being used at Lyon this week, "Having a Conversation". It was INCREDIBLE! I searched for all activities by the publishing company and found 143 more on the SMART Exchange - all worthy of looking at. There is also an activity pack, "Maintaining a Conversation", a higher level, next step from Having a Conversation. To check them out, open the SMART Exchange, search for "Digixl", then select SMART Table Activity Packs. Some of these activity packs use a 3rd party application called Flash Cards. So, on the table itself, go to the SMART Exchange, search for "Flash Cards". It will show up as an application. Download that, then your activity packs that have flash card applications in them will run.
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Great new tool to try for the WINNING school!

Arlington was the winner of the new Universal Power Supply! This is an external battery that sits inside the table stand. It allows the table to be unplugged, long enough to move it from room to room without powering it down. When the table is unplugged it beeps - letting you know. This also alerts you, in case it becomes accidentally unplugged, so you can plug it back in. From what I have heard so far, this is working well at Arlington. If it continues to work well for them, we will work with SMART Technologies and consider this for all the tables.

SMART Table Data

This is the FINAL request for data for this year! If you are from Lyon, NE Tacoma or Mann, and just received the training this week - I will resend this to you in about a month. You can wait until then to complete data for me. I realize you haven't been using the table as yet. The rest of you, If you could please submit now I would appreciate it.

Please complete this YOURSELF, even if you have not used the table in the last few weeks. Reminder emails go to those who do not complete it.

Submit data thinking of a standard 5 day week. If you forget to send me the data, you will receive a reminder the last week of the month. Please complete even if you are not using the table right now.

Please send me your data before the end of the month!