Lab Safety

Nurse Extension: 2828.

For Every Lab:

-Remove goggles when Mr. Leeds tell you to.

-Report ALL accidents/spills to Mr. Leeds immediately.

-Always use common sense.

Safety Equipment:

-Fire extinguisher

-Fire blanket

-Eye wash/shower.


-Never taste chemicals.

-Always WAFT chemicals, Not solids/powders.

-Avoid touching chemicals.

-Always wash hands with water if contact with chemicals occurs and notify Mr. Leeds.


-Hot glass and cold glass look the same.

-Never use chipped or broken glass.

-Never use force to remove or insert glass.

Alcohol Burners:

-Roll up sleeves, put up long hair (not just pull back).

-Never walk away from a lit burner.

-Never point the open end of a hot test tube at yourself or someone else.

-Do not look down into a test tube/beaker while it is being heated.

Diluting Acid:

-Acid must be added to water.

-Never add water to acid.

---->could cause an exothermic reaction

---->water is less dense (lighter) than acid so it will sit on top of acid and could splash out

End of Experiment:

-Make sure burner is capped and flame is out.

-Clean up area and materials completely!