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Weekly Info About Ms. Toothman's Year Long Art Class - Week6

Hello Again! Here's what's been going on in Art Class and what's coming up this week:

Hi students, parents, and ELA! Last week we began working on Module 3. There are two written art critiques, a check in assignment, and two live classes (one last Wednesday and one this coming Wednesday) for students to complete.

I will be submitting grades again on Tuesday which will make the progress reports available to the school by Thursday (hopefully). You are encouraged to check your grades in Moodle as they are updated daily and are the most accurate way to see your grade.
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Supplies for Module 4

We will start working on our traditional artwork in Module 4 towards the end of the week. Students will need to have access to their
  • sketchbook (or unlined drawing paper at least 9" x 12")
  • regular wooden pencils and erasers
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • digital camera (or phone, tablet, or iPod with camera) (webcam if you're really desperate but they're not ideal)

If for any reason you are having trouble gathering these materials for class, please contact BOTH me and your ELA at your school. We both want you to have access to everything you need to be successful in this class.

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