The Saint Petersburg Bayou


Three Boys playing by the Mississippi River disappeared.

May 7th, 1834

While Thomas Sawyer, Joseph Harper, and Huckleberry Finn were playing by the Mississippi River, they all disappeared. Police presumed that the three loving boys drowned, so search and rescue teams were looking for the boys in the water. The families of these boys are mourning their disappearance and if they are still alive, they want them to return home. The nice boys' funeral is scheduled for Saturday, their favorite day of the week. Support the families by coming to the funeral.

A View from the other side of the Book:

Mark Twain talks about the book Tom Sawyer.

I got a chance to interview Mark Twain recently and here is what he had to say:

Me: "Mr. Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games on the island. Why did you choose that particular allusion?"

Twain: "I chose that illusion from my childhood particularly. Many of the stories from my book, like the Robin Hood story, relate to my childhood. My stories are also based off of people who have influenced me or people who have made me laugh."

Me: "Was Huckleberry Finn based on someone in your life or was he made up?"

Twain: "Huck is based off of one of my closest friends. He really inspired me to write some of my stories in the book. I couldn't just forget about these stories. I needed to tell the world."

Me: "With all the new Tom Sawyer books you have written, do you feel the original is the best written?"

Twain: "The original is most certainly the best. The reason I made those books is because the readers wanted more Tom Sawyer and I personally thought it wasn't a good idea. Plus, an original is an original and you can't make a good sequel like the first book."

Mr. Twain's closing sentence was he is currently writing an entire book about Huckleberry Finn.