You Need 2B at ASD

News for the second full week of school!

This Week in Literacy

We examined a variety text features in both fiction and nonfiction. We discussed the purpose of these features and looked for them in our texts. Students increased their reading stamina and now have established literacy partners. In writing, we have been continuing our personal narratives. We have begun to draft and we are trying to look at ways to edit our pieces.

This week in Math

In our first unit, we spent time problem solving. Ms. Little paid us a visit, and she taught us about answering questions in many different ways. We covered addition strategies like tens combination, doubles, and recently, near doubles. We also worked with manipulatives and tried to practice thee skills with word problems and games.

This Week in Science

Students are still working on a unit on Life Cycles. We dissected a flower and looked at all the parts. Student's guessed at the functions of the parts inside. We reviewed the functions of the various flower parts in macro model the following day.

Dragon Bands

Parents may fill up student accounts themselves, using their ASD card, or they may send money to school. Ms. Radika will be taking students to learn how to charge their bands themselves.