Candyfloss - Cotton candy

Name: Denice Ariza Ávila

Where does this celebration take place?

It is celebration happens in the mount Everest

What do people do?

People in this birthday party cotton candy make eslculturas with cotton candy , play , laugh , people make big competition to be his sculpture. When people come to the party must be an original somprero cotton candy , if not original, that person will be a dull , unimaginative , because the party is to be creative and have a lot of imagination to participate. From the time the cake has to cover cotton candy and let the birthday suit all parties, because the birthday is the most important person in the party and in the end each party to create award winner and imagine original sculptures of cotton candy

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What kind of decoration is used

The decor will : 1. balloons covered with cotton candy.

2. Beanies cotton candy .

3. cake shaped cotton candy.

4. chairs with cotton balls .

5. Depending on how you want the party girl or boy , decor fits .

6. animator will be taken .

7. Many colors so they do not see very poor party .

8. Machine to create the cotton candy.

9. A rainbow of cotton candy, will be the main decoration

10. Most importantly, a book in which guests sign and leave a cute birthday message .

11. photo session with the sculptures of cotton candy

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What do people eat?

People eat :

cotton candy cake fruit juice cotton candy dessert . Dinner eat cotton candy. Much fresh at every meal

What kind of gifts are Given ? - How are they?

The type of gift would give the birthday boy 's any toy will not accept clothing , toys only . The surprise will be two things :the first is that of the piñata , do not forget the piñata , where open many toys that kids will like .and the second will be the surprise of bag, which come sweet , small conitos cotton candy , toys for children .Children will very happy to have the party and want to return to a well(100 words)