China on Paper

Isabelle Barrington Hour 2


  • Climate- Extremely diverse; tropical in the south and subtropical in the north.
  • Terrain- It's mostly mountains, high plateaus, in the west is desert, and in the east is plains, deltas, and hills.
  • Geo- Worlds 4th largest country: including Mt. Everest on its border and Nepal with the worlds tallest peak.
  • Natural Hazards- Volcanic activity, China contains some of the most historically live volcanoes like Changhaishan, and Dao.
  • Irrigated Land is at 629,380 sq Km.
  • Natural Resources- Coal, Iron Ore, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Mercury, Tin, Tungsten, Antimony, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Magnetite, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Rare Earth Elements, Uranium, and HydropowerPotential.
  • Coordinates- 35 degrees North and 105 degrees East.
  • Lowest point in China- Turpan Pendi -154m, and the highest point in China- Mt. Everest-8,850m.
  • Arable Land- 11.62%
  • Permeant Crops- 1.53%
  • Other- 86.84%

Culture: The Seven Elements

Forms of Government

- Government type: Communist State

- Capital: Beijing

- Independence: October 1, 1949

- Suffrage at 18 years of age


- Buddhist 18.2%, Christian 501%, Muslim 1.8%, Folk Religion 1.5%, Hindu 1%, Other.7%.

- Religion was brought into China 2,000 years ago, and was gradually accepted to the rest of the people.

Economic Systems

- People earn $9,800 a year

- Labor force by occupation

*Agriculture 34.8%

*Industry 29.5%

*Services 35.7%

- Population below poverty line: 13.4%

- Exports: Electrical and machinery

- Imports: Electrical, machinery, oil, mineral fuels, nuclear reactor, boiler, and machinery components.

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Social Organization

- Life Expectancy 75.15 years old

* Male- 73.09 years old

* Female- 77.43 years old

- Main ethnic group- Han Chinese 91.6%

- Mandarin official language

- Go to school until 13 years old in rural areas, so you can help take care of the family farms

Customs and Traditions


- Unique Music

- Cuisine

- Literature

- Martial Arts


- Chinese Writing

- Chinese New Year

- Chinese Calendar

- Idioms


The top two languages in China are: Mandarin and Putonghua. I could only get a video on people speaking Mandarin, sorry.
Meeting People is easy in Mandarin Chinese :)

Arts and Literature


- Poetry

- Dance

- Music

- Painting

- Architecture

- Sculpture


- Ancient Chinese Readings

Chinese Dance- fairs fly in sky (飛天)


1. Why is the U.S in so much debt, and why doesn't it seem like anyone is really trying to do anything about it?

2. Why is the United States debt going to China?

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Venn Diagram


1. Life Expectancy: 75.15 years

2. Literacy Rate 95%

3. Government Type: Communist State

4. National Symbol: Dragon

5. GDP per Capita: $9,800

6. Unemployment rate: 6.47%

7. Population below poverty line: 13.4%

8. Coordinates: 35* N and 105* E

9. Location: Eastern Asia

10. Culture: Extremely Diverse; Tropical in the South and Subarctic in the North


1. Suffrage at 18

2. Natural Hazard: Flooding

3. In Northern and Western hemisphere

4. Big in trading in exports

5. Economic Choices


1. Life Expectancy: 80.44 years old

2. Literacy rate: 99%

3. Government Type: Federal Republic

4. National Symbol: Golden Eagle

5. GDP per Capita $ 39,500

6. Unemployment Rate: 5.3%

7. Population below poverty line: 15.5%

8. Coordinates: 51* N and 9* E

9. Location: Central Europe

10. Climate: Temperate marine, cool, cloudy, wet winter, and summers, occasional warm mountain wind