The Federal Period

By: Ashley Williams & Abby Richards

Time Period- 1790 - 1830


Winning the war influenced this style. The newly liberated Americans wanted to stray from the Georgian style because it was influenced by their former leaders; The English.

They also wanted to express their freedom and independence through the design of homes.

Styles Of Homes

The Adam Style- Architects took the georgian features and combined it with things from Greece and Rome. Very simply structured. Paid close attention to decorative details. Has a fanlight.

Early Classical Revival Style- Architects looked at Rome for new ideas. Its very similar to the Adam style. Has a portico.

Key Features Of Home/Vocabulary

Fanlight- A semicircular, round or oval window with fan-shaped panes of glass

Portico- tall, open porch that is supported by columns over the front entrance.

Roof Styles

Hip Roof- Roof with ends inclined as well as the sides

Where you would see these homes

Where you would see an Adam styled home is historical apartment buildings that are built very close together. You would see early classical revival styled homes in Washington D.C.

An example would be the white house.

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