The Underdogs

By: Sawyer Grovogel

Third Person Limited Point of View

Some examples from the text: In Will's mind a bad field was better than none.(You see thoughts of Will.) It was close to six by then and the other guys were rushing home to dinner.(You see what Will sees is happening.)


Some important dialogue I found in my book was: "I can't. As much I try to love football watching you play, I've just hated it for too long. It took too much from me, kid. I've got you, and so I'd never say I've got some kind of crummy life. But apart from you, what's great about it up here? Maybe after I get my degree, okay? But if we're keeping score on the life and times of Joe Tyler so far, it's not like I'm winning any trophies." This dialogue shows the time Will is trying to get a coach for his team. Also, it shows the hard times Forbes is having because of the factory closing down and the life a football tragedy has made for Will's dad. Then another dialogue reading I fund that was important in my book was: "Ironic isn't it? One of the companies that put this town out of business is now saving a town football team." This excerpt shows that Will and his teammates are now going to have a football season and that it was a big shoe company that saved them.