Back to School Newsletter

August 2020

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12th (Kindergarten-see below)

New School Year Welcome from Superintendent Mengerink

Hello to our Elida families and we hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer.

The fear and stress of the unknown that comes with the pandemic affects everyone differently. We hope that families were able to spend some quality time together this summer and are more comfortable with the situation.

Keeping up with changing government directives is creating extra difficulties in the world of education. We know it is frustrating to wait for information and answers. Unfortunately, when changes keep coming from state government, we need to adhere to the new directives and change our plans, and this has happened nearly every day, if not every hour, for the last several weeks. We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate through this unprecedented time.

We are working closely with all other schools in Allen County and the Allen County Public Health Department for consistency and guidance, and we are told that in the coming months, we need to be prepared to go to all remote learning. We are making preparations in the event that takes place.

We know the difficulties this may cause for families, but most of those decisions are out of our hands. We will do our best to help each and every student attending Elida to receive a high quality education because every student deserves that and we are "Educating For Tomorrow."

There may be periods of time this school year when groups of students-certain grade levels, or buildings-are forced to go online for a period of time. We know this may create extra challenges for families, but may be necessary for the health and safety of students and staff.

The Elida School Reopening and Remote Learning Plans are linked below. Please be advised and understand that all current plans are subject to change at any time.

Thank you to all our families, parents & guardians, students and staff for working together so well last spring when it all began, and for coming together now.We will work hard to make this a better year for everyone.

Thank You!

Elida 2020 Reopening Plan

Read the Reopening Plan which was last updated on August 7th and is also linked on the school website. This form is frequently updated when new information becomes available or changes occur.

Remote Learning Plan

Read the Remote Learning Plan which is also linked on the school website. This document will also be updated when new information becomes available or changes occur.

Coronavirus Updates On the District Website

To access updates regarding COVID-19 from the district and Superintendent Mengerink, there is a "Coronavirus Information for Families" page on the district website. The page includes links to the Allen County Public Health Website and several family resource links, too.

Back to School Reminders:

  • Drinking fountains are disabled. Students may bring clear bottles for water and each building will have at lease one refill station available.
  • Masks: Staff is required to wear masks.
  • Students in Grades K-12 are required to wear masks.
  • Cafeteria tables are spread out with assigned seating. Students cannot share food brought from home.
  • Clear Bookbags Normally, book bags are not permitted to be carried to classes. This is being offered as an option for those middle & high school students who want to carry bookbags to bypass going to lockers where there tends to be congestion. They are NOT required, and any type of clear bag is fine. Personal items can still be kept in lockers.
  • Transportation: All students needing to ride a bus to/from school will be required to wear a mask while riding the bus and be seated facing the front. Students’ refusal to wear a mask in an appropriate manner or follow other bus rules may result in the loss of bus riding privileges.
  • Classrooms Every classroom will have assigned seating for students. Classroom doors will remain open to reduce the number of touches to door handles. Teachers will not have students pass around materials that are handled by the entire class, rather teachers will hand deliver materials to students individually.

Daily Health Screenings & Immunizations

Staff & Students must take temperature before coming to school. Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees must not attend school. Other symptoms to be on the lookout for include:

  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Headache
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath or
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Fever or chills
  • Cough


In accordance with the Ohio Department of Health, the following are Required Immunizations prior to the start of the 2020-21 School Year:
  • KINDERGARTEN: Students are required to have the following immunizations: 1. DTap 2. Polio 3. MMR 4. Hep B 5. Varicella (chickenpox)

  • 7th GRADE: Students are required to have the following: 1. Tdap (Adacel or Boostrix) & 2. Meningococcal (Menactra)

  • 12th GRADE: Students are required to have the Meningococcal (Menactra) immunization.

  • You can obtain these vaccines from the Allen County Health Department or your family doctor.

Schoology -The Main Communication Tool in the District

Schoology is the District's MAIN COMMUNICATION TOOL for communicating with parents, guardians and students. Students have acounts which they use to communicate with their teachers and receive messages, all their lessons and assignments. Parents should set-up accounts to monitor your child's grades, see course assignments and message teachers directly. There is a Parent Resource page on the school website for parents to learn more about Schoology and to sign up. LINK TO PARENT RESOURCE PAGE.

The teachers want to have meaningful engagement with their students and many have made their individual Schoology pages fun and educational for their students. The pages are totally interactive with lots of links to information and learning tools, video and resources for the students to use.

Here's a few images from the Schoology pages of Mrs. Stiger, Mrs. Hanefeld and Mrs. Dauterman.

Elementary Pick-Up Procedures

For this school year, there are new procedures in place for parents to pick- up their students at the elementary. Please read the following letter with the details PICK-UP PROCEDURES.

Kindergarten Screenings

Kindergarten Screenings and Meet the Teacher will take place on

Tuesday, August 11 & Wednesday, August 12th BY APPOINTMENT.



MON., AUGUST 17th No School for kindergarten ONLY

TUES., AUGUST 18th All kindergarten Attend


Parents/Guardians are asked to refrain from visiting the buildings unless it is absolutely necessary or an emergency. Those who do come to the building should complete a health screen prior to arrival, use hand sanitizer as they enter the building, and wearing a mask is required. Secretaries may try to obtain as much information as possible and/or handle your visit through the security cameras if possible. Those people who are considered part of the educational process may still be permitted to visit and will have to follow all the same protocols as all other staff members. Student teachers, college recruiters, military recruiters, career coaches, tutors, regular volunteers, etc., will be considered part of the Elida staff.

Welcome New Teachers to Elida

We are excited to welcome new teachers & staff to the district: Jennifer Knippen-Middle School Social Worker, Collin Wise-Elementary Phys. Ed., Chloe Metcalf-HS Agriculture Instructor, Mitch Monfort-Grade 5 Math, Andrea Ricker-MS Girls Health & Wellness, Jeanne Miller-HS Math & Kim Salvage-Elementary Art. They introduce themselves in this brief video.
Elida New Teacher Introductions 2020

Updates from The Treasurer

As we wrap-up the 2019-20 school year, the financial impact of Covid-19 continues to be an issue and the strain it has placed on the economy is far reaching. Reviewing our data, we have the following concerns:

  • FY 19-20 State cut $480,825 (this historic loss of state money creates a large hole.)
  • General Fund Loss at June 30, 2020- $373,287
  • Projected Loss of Casino Revenue $50,000
  • Projected loss of Interest Income $52,000
  • Rise in tax delinquencies

Given the current financial data, however, we remain commited to provide the best educational experiences for the students at Elida.

You can see the most recent General Fund Statement and a look at expenses and revenue on the Treasurer's webpage linked here.

Solar Fields & LED Lighting are Creating Big Savings in the District

With the district moving to solar fields and LED lighting, we are starting to show material savings in the district. All utility costs in FY 2018 was $569,673 and in FY 2020 $379,909, a savings of $189,764.
Big picture

New Elementary Construction

It has been a very busy summer at the elementary construction site with a lot of progress being made. The contractor reports that construction is running ahead of schedule and under budget. You can continue to follow the process on "New Elementary Building" webpage for weekly construction updates with details and great photos. CLICK HERE.

Technology Upgrades in the District

It was a busy summer for the technology department at Elida. We saw three major technology improvements that were necessary to not only replace outdated equipment, but to boost the data speed to all buildings in the district.

  • First, all new fiber has been run, replacing fiber that was first installed almost 25 years ago. Now, all new, 96 strand fiber is connecting all buildings in the district.
  • New, wireless upgrades to the high school and middle school. 58 new access points in the high school, and approximately 35 in the middle school. The old, single radio receivers would have 25-30 connections, but the new radios have a significant increase in capacity and are capable of over 1,000 connections each! This will greatly improve the students' access to the network
  • New switches installed in each building will have a major impact on the speed of the wireless transmission. Connections inside the buildings went from 1 gig to 40 gig.

Director of Technology Craig Kerns applied for "E-Rate Funding" from the federal government to help with these expenses, and can help to reimburse up to 60% of the cost. "We were able to pre-purchase equipment for the new elementary building using E-Rate Funds."

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Play Golf-Help Graduating Seniors!

Each year, the Elida Educational Foundation holds a golf scramble as a fundraiser for student scholarships. Last year, the Foundation raised $6,300 in scholarships for graduating Elida Seniors. The golf scramble is a big part of that, so, get your team together and contact Treasurer Joel Parker today! $100 team. Prizes and meal included. September 13 8:30 am at Springbrook Golf Club.
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Save these in your Phone Right Now!

Central Office 419-331-4155

Elementary Office 419-331-7901

Middle School Office 419-331-2505

High School Office 419-331-4115

Special Education 419-339-3802

Athletic Office 419-331-2580

Transportation 419-331-4135 or 419-331-3036

Lunch & Breakfast Prices for the 2020-21 School Year

Prices have not changed from last year! Be sure to check out the Food Services Webpage to see the weekly menus for each building.


K-12 $1.00

Reduced price - no charge


K-4 $2.35
5-8 $2.45
9-12 $2.60
Reduced Price $.40

Adult $3.50

Free & Reduced Meal Applications

Free & Reduced Applications Are Now Being Accepted Online using PaySchools QuickApps.

at: and on the Foord Servcies page of the school website.

You’ll find out immediately if your children qualify. Qualified students automatically start receiving free or reduced-cost meals the next day.

Contact Sara Newland, Food Service Supervisor at or call 419-331-4155 x1244. Paper applications are available per request only.