The American Revolution

Miles MacGregor

The Navigation Acts

The Navagation acts were meant to try to put mercantilism into use, then in 1650 parliament tried to combat the rapidly growing threat of the Dutch. Some rules that the colonists had to follow because of this is colonists could only trade with the English of other colonial ships, trade meant for on ther nations outside the "empire"had to go through England. The Navigation Acts also put a "duty" on the importation of sugars from the West Indies which the French controlled at that time. The most significant/influential impact on the colonies was that G.B. started stiffling colonial manufacturing .

The Proclamation of 1763

The proclamation of 1763 was created after Great Britain deleted the the French and

Indians, in the the French and Indian war. The proclamation was an imaginary Line that stretched from the north most colonie to the southern most colonie to keep the colonies from spreading Past the Appalacian mountains and to prevent more skirmishes and even wars with the Native Americans. The colonists were angered by this because they wanted to settle on this new land so it did not get to crowded in the original 13 colonies and because as a safety precaution the British were allowed to stay at the colonists homes for free so in case a new war came they would be ready as well as then they could informed the law a lot better.

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The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was a tax on all paper goods. The reason the stamp act was created was to help pay off the debt from the french and indian war. The committees of Correspondence started to protest the stamp act by contacting all the other thirteen colonies and the towns in them and then having them altogether decide how to protest against the stamp act. The person who Created the the "sons of liberty" is Samuel adams. The purpose of this was to protest against british policies and sometimes use violence. The colonies decided they needed to meet into whats now called the stamp act congress which they discussed that only colonial governments should be able to tax the colonies and they sent a request to king george the third to repeal the stamp act. So king george had no choice but to repeal the stamp act or to risk war with the colonies.
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The Quartering Act

Britain sent more troops over to the thirteen colonies because of the protesting about the stamp act. Britain then repealed the stamp act and replaced it with the Quartering act which made colonist have to house and feed british soldiers. Some issues that the colonists had with this is that they did not like having a whole army with "blank search warrants" that means that british soldiers could just walk into your house and look through your things. Also since they had to house british soldiers they felt like they had lost there rights over their property. The writs of assistance is another name for a search warrant that doesn't have to be signed and approved by the government.
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The Townshend Acts

Items taxed by the Townsend acts include tea, glass, paper, and other common house hold goods. A group called the daughters of Liberty started making there own things to avoid paying taxes. The Townsend acts ended up being replaced by the tea tax. Samuel Adams did not like this so he took his group called the sons of Liberty and he started to attack the homes of tax collectors as wel as British soldiers.
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The boston Massacre

The events that happened on march 5,1770 is a crowd of people was gathered around some british soldiers and after a while of yelling and getting pelted by clubs and snowballs with rocks the british soldiers fired into the crowed of people killing five men. samuel adams did not like this and made a propaganda poster about it, portraying british soldiers firing shots into a innocent crowed of people. But John Adams decided to defend the british soldiers in there trial and they won.
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Tea Act and Boston Tea Party.

The tea act only allowed the East India Trading company to sell tea to the colonists. The colonists were unhappy with the tea act because the colonists had to pay an import tax on there tea.The sons of liberty then disguised them selves as indians and threw 342 crates of tea off the side of the boat.
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Coercive Act(Intolerable Acts)

The colonists called the coercive acts the intolerable acts because they were "intolerable". These laws gave britain total control over boston and stopped trading from boston to england,it also did not allow town meetings in boston.


The American Revolution is when the british 13 colonies rebelled and tried to split into a different country. Some social causes of the american revolution is when the british tried to tax the thirteen colonies and they did not like it causing tension between the colonies. The british started making taxes to pay for the french and indian war. I Think colonists flipped out a little to much when england started taxing them so I thought it was a little harsh when the 13 colonies tried to break away from england.