Warren Middle School

Extra Curricular Activities


The purpose of robotics is to learn more about electronics than you already do right now. Some reasons to join are:
  • Guest come and speak about how the machines they use impact their career.
  • If you like working with electronics this would be an awesome choice for an elective.
  • There are also some amazing projects the can help you out in the future.
  • This class can help a lot with your math skills.
But, with making a great decision of choosing robotics, there are also some downfalls. Such as, the project may cost some money but not a lot. And if you don't like math or even machines then I wouldn't recommend this course.


The point of band is to experiment with different instruments. There are very many reasons to join band. First, there are competitions; second, you can make tons of new friends. Third, if you like instrumental music or any other kind of music; finally, fourth, if you like music so much but you really don't know a lot about how its made, you can learn about it in band. But, there is also a bad side, some people don't understand how expensive instruments and that they can be fragile.
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The motive of choir is to share you voice with others. There are many reasons to join choir such as:

  • If you like singing in a group.
  • Or if you like the spotlight and would be willing to solo.
  • You may sing good.
  • You can also make a lot of new friends.
Even though it may sound like a good group, you could have stage fright and not want to preform in front of a good sum of people or maybe you don't like singing at all.


The basis of art is to express emotion in a beautiful way. Some intentions of art are to learn some artistic skills, or maybe even share some of your skills. Others are, if you enjoy drawing and/or painting, also you may be an emotional person. But, maybe your not good at art, or even if you don't like it, then art wouldn't be a good decision to make. Sometimes it takes self-motivation to finish a project. But, other times art can be stress-free.


The purpose of Spanish is to learn a new language. Some reasons to take Spanish class is because most jobs are looking for people who can speak different languages, so taking this course can help out with your career choice. It's also easier to understand people that only speak Spanish, since a lot of people speak Spanish in Texas. And it is pretty cool knowing how to speak another language. Although, if you don't like Spanish or don't want to speak a different language, because you think it won't come in handy, that's okay. You don't have to take the class.
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