People don't have what they need!!!!

Don't throw away your food

If you throw away food, where do you think it goes. It certainly doesn't go to the hungry and the poor, it goes to the garbage pile. We have what we need, but the people of poor countries don't. We need to be grateful and not just the rich snobs that some of us are, because if you were in a poor country, you would not throw anything away.


People in poor countries don't have a faucet to drink from like us, therefore they have to travel to get to the nearest water source. That means sometimes miles away from home! If they take a bath, they won't have enough to drink, so quit wasting water and only take water you need!

Some Poor Countries

Why Is It a Global Issue?

One reason that poverty has become a major problem is that when they were colonizing the countries, the colonies got band from getting more supplies to build with and hunt with