Robert Millikan

Learn about how Millikan contributed to the atomic theory

His educational life

He was a very smart man, he went to Maquoketa high school. When he graduated high school and he went to Colombia University between the years 1893-1895. Oberlin college between 1886-1891. When he was at Oberlin college he started to like problem solving and experimentations. When he graduated there he stayed and supported himself by tutoring. When he received his masters degree he went to Colombia University and he also received a fellowship by them. He spent his summer at the University of Chicago because of his research about polarization of light, and he stayed there with a man named Albert. A Michelson.
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Robert Millikan's saying

"while the Great Architect had to direct the early stages of the evolutionary process, that part of him that becomes us . . . has been stepping up amazingly the pace of . . . evolution since we began to become conscious of the part we had to play. It is our sense of responsibility for playing our part to the best of our ability that makes us Godlike."
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His Atomic Theory

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Millikan Oil Drop Experiment