POC Math Project

By-Clare Klement


Abigail, Bob, and Catherine, lived on the points of intersection of three intersecting streets, Elm, Ash, and Dove. Behind the houses was a forest, the kids want to build a treehouse somewhere in the forest. They decided to make it in the spot that was the same distance from all of the houses.

Explanation of POC

The best point of concurrency for my situation is the circumcenter, because I am trying to find the equal distance from the vertices of the triangle to the middle. It represents the point that the treehouse will be built. I will use perpendicular bisectors to fin my POC.


1) Draw arcs using a compass a little more than half way across the segment

2) Draw a line connecting the points where the arcs meet to find midpoint.

3) Extend line to find perpendicular bisector

4) Repeat with all three segments

5) Mark the circumcenter where all 3 bisectors meet