Why YOU should learn to type!

I promise you'll thank me!

Employers want you to know how to type?? No way!

No matter how hard you try, you're going to have to use a computer and type at some point in you life and you will most likely have to use it on a daily basis. Many jobs require typing skills, and now that computers are becoming more dominate in our lives it is going to be even more mandatory that you know how to type correctly.
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Some tips to help you, and your typing life!

  1. When placing your fingers in home room position, remember to have your wrist slightly raised and not resting on the table. This helps with correct keystroking.
  2. Sit straight and remember to keep your back straight.
  3. Keep your elbows bent at the right angle.
  4. Face the screen with your head slightly tilted forward.
  5. Keep at least 45 - 70 cm of distance between your eyes and the screen.
  6. Еxpose the shoulder, arm, and wrist muscles to the least possible strain. The wrists can touch the tabletop in front of the keyboard.
  7. Never shift your body weight to the wrists by resting on them.


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