The Good and The Bad



Push Factors (+)

Many different push factors brought people to America. The more people that came to America supported its political beliefs which strengthened Democracy. It strengthened because more people saw the good in America's Democracy. This photo is of the many different things that brought people to America

Americanization (+)

Americanization has transformed many different cultures. Immigrants came to America and strengthened our economy by bringing things from their culture. American Americanized many of these cultural differences.

New Immigration (+ & -)

The new immigrants in America were good and bad at the same time. Many of their social norms were not seen in America all too often. Many thing like different cultures and languages prevented other cultures from communicating with one another cause social groups. Many immigrants brought good to America's social groups though by adding new culture to it form those who would merge with others. This picture shows some good immigrants who have brought good to America.


Dawes Act (-)

The Dawes Act, February 8 1887, brought free land to those who moved and expanded outwards to populate newer cities. This was a very bad thing from America, because the land they were using was previously owned by the Native Americans. The Natives were removed from their homes and the land was put up for sale to the Americans. The photo is a political cartoon depicting what the Dawes Act felt like to the Natives

Infrastructure (+)

Infrastructure was the back bone of American civilization. It brought on many more buildings which created more jobs for the construction workers and those working in the buildings. Infrastructure also gave more room for other things to be constructed because it made things closer together. For example plumbing was built underground which kept it contained and gave more room above ground.

Subways (+)

With infrastructure came the subway. The subway allowed for easier transportation and quicker communication. One of the oldest subways in America built in 1997 being finally explored after more than 100 years. To the left is a picture of a few explorers exploring the old abandoned subway under Boston street


14 Points (+)

Wilson's 14 points was a political call for peace after World War 1. The 14 points called for no more secret alliances or anything that would cause another war. This also helped create the League of Nations even though America was not part of it. Was put into action on January 8, 1918. This picture shows a brief summary of the 14 points.

Yellow Journalism (-)

The term "Yellow Journalism" was created in the 1890's which means to expand the truth over a subject. This slowed America's development declining America's right to the truth. While they didn't lie they did use an allusion like to make things seem different than they really were. Yellow Journalism was mainly found in newspaper industries who were competing for business from rival companies. This political cartoon shows yellow journalism during the Spanish- American war.


League of Nations (+)

After ww1 the world's nations created the League of Nations. The league of Nations was a group of Nations designed to work together to prevent further war between nations. America declined joining the League which was a good thing in the long run. America declining the League was politically a good option because it prevented us from having to help out with future fights.

Modern Warfare (+)

Modern warfare was fairly good for America's economy. It brought jobs for those who could build the weapons needed for war. It also gave jobs to the military.

Isolationism to Neutrality (+)

America's transition from Isolationism to neutrality had a huge impact on America during WW1. This transition put America in the war fighting against Germany. At first America was staying away from having allies and enemies, but eventually they finally join in the worlds disputes. The transition was a good thing because it brought America new allies and helped America grow.


Monroe Doctrine (+)

The Monroe Doctrine was established in 1823 by President James Monroe (right). The doctrine stated that European powers could not create any new colonies in the North or South Americas. If Europe broke that rule then America would have to intervene. This was a good thing done by America because it helped prevent future wars over colonies. Also the doctrine gave freedom to some smaller powers throughout the world.

Dollar Diplomacy (+)

Dollar Diplomacy was used during President Taft (left) from 1909-1913. It's goal was to strengthen the economies of America and other countries by promoting spending money in other countries. This was a good thing for America because it strengthened the American dollar in other countries. Also America helped some countries and bought their debt they had with other countries.

Panama Canal (+)

America took over constructing the Panama Canal in 1904. Finally on August 15, 1914 the canal was finished. The Panama Canal offered great cultural expansion for many different countries. The canal allowed for faster and easier travel, which made the canal a huge cultural mixing pot. Many cultures would merge here at the Canal. America's help with the canal was a very good thing because it made travel much faster to get around the world. Also because it allowed cultures to mix.

Democracy (+)

Democracy was brought to America after many failed governments. Democracy was one of the best things that America has ever gained. Democracy gives freedom to it's people and allows them to vote freely. The picture to the right is the Declaration of Independence, this is the start of democracy in America.