Summarize...You will

Determining Main Idea in Nonfiction Texts

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STAAR 7th Grade Reading Blueprint

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What do I need to do for a Level III?

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Main Idea/Summarizing Standards:


  • Evaluate a summary of the original text for accuracy of the main ideas, supporting details, and overall meaning.
  • Use different organizational patterns as guides for summarizing and forming an overview of different kinds of expository text.
  • Synthesize and make logical connections between ideas within a text and across two or three texts representing similar or different genres, and support those findings with textual evidence.

What does it look like on a test?

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Strategies for Summarizing:

  • Read the entire text closely
  • Annotate recurring ideas throughout
  • What jumps out at me?
  • Use nonlinguistic representations to illustrate the article
  • Main Idea, Important Details, Restate Main Idea

Nonlinguistic Representations:

You Try!

  • Groups of 5 will be given an article that has been disassembled.
  • Each group will reassemble to article in a sensible way.
  • Groups will then sketch the main idea of the article and write a summary.
  • Can we tell the main idea from your sketch?
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