"Trias Politica"

By: Theresa Alvarado

Separation of Powers

The separation of powers is the division of governmental responsibilities to each of the branches of government. The idea of separation of powers was to give each of the branches abilities to check on the other branches and their responsibilities.

The separation of powers is close to checks and balances. The only real difference is that the separation of powers is morally focused on the responsibilities that each branch has. While checks and balances just makes sure that the branches do not over power one another.

Something that the separation of powers is not like is dictator government. The dictator government is run by one person while the separation of powers is dividing up the country's responsibilities to the different branches in government.

Today the United States government uses the separation of powers to pretty much run the country. Since each branch has their own responsibilities that need to be taken care of, they need to ensure that they get everything done to not negatively effect the country as a whole.

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