What is a "Social" Anyway?

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Whether you heard about us on Goop or J Crew or in countless publications including Allure, SHAPE, and The Huffington Post, Beautycounter is making the world more beautiful one "changed mind" at a time.

At Beautycounter we work to make the unknown truth about the beauty care industry known, and hopefully change the way you look at (and use) personal care products such as lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, moisturizer, face wash, make up and more from here on out.

The best way to truly understand who Beautycounter is and what sets us apart are through socials. Socials are simple little gatherings with any of your friends, family. etc. (from just a few to a few dozen) where I share the Beautycounter and bring all of my stuff for people to touch, smell, and try. It doesn't take that long or that much, an hour and a half or two, a bottle of wine or two, and we are set!

The point of a social is simply education! Our mission cannot be done without proper understanding of why it is so critical we demand change in the industry. And since our story is best told face to face, person to person, we have socials. If we didn't, you would never be able to tell the difference between our stuff and the other guys' stuff (why? because the other guys can claim whatever they want, and it is often not the truth, and it is all okay...and legal!).

Book a Social, Get a FREE Bag!

Anyone who books a social with me between now and the end of the year will get a FREE make up bag like the one pictured (products not included) along with the regular perks for hosting! Contact me to get more details and set a date. Cheers, to happy healthy pretty!

How the "Other Guys" Work

Here are a few more facts about the conditions in which the "other guys" work....

  • There is no regulation of ingredients used in personal care products and cosmetics such as face creams, lotions, lipstick, sunscreen, even shampoo.

  • No law requiring anything regarding any sort of regulation for the industry has passed since 1938.

  • The FDA does not test everyday personal care products for safety before they hit the market.

  • The United States has banned 11 ingredients from their products. European Union has banned over 1,300.

  • Many companies do not list absolutely everything in their products on their labels and it's perfectly legal

  • There is also no regulation as to how companies market their products meaning anyone can put "natural," "organic," "safe," or even "paraben-free" on their labels and because there are no guidelines to meet first in order to do so, we really can't know what that means.

  • Some common ingredients used in today's products are known to have harmful effects on our health (from moderate to severe) including learning disabilities, infertility, hormonal disruption and cancer.

Why does all this matter? Well because.....

  • Just 40 years ago 1 in 20 women were diagnosed with cancer. Today, it is 1 in 3.

  • Our skin is the body's largest organ and while its job is to protect, it is not resistant to penetration. What we put on our skin goes directly into our bodies, into our bloodstream and reaches other vital, internal organs- think of how a small patch on the butt can stop a woman from conceiving and a small patch on the arm can stop a smoker from smoking!

  • As a result, babies are being born "pre-polluted" with 100's of synthetic chemicals and toxins found in their umbilical cord blood.

We know you have high standards. We strive to surpass them. The bottom line is, we don't like fine print. We tell you the truth, we tell you everything. The choices we make today matter tomorrow. Together, we can put truth into beauty. By interacting with Beautycounter, you are joining the movement.

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Still Want to Learn More?

Start with Beautycounter's "Never List" which you can find here. On that list you will find ingredients that we will never use in any of our products (and yes, some of them are very common) along with some information about what they are linked to that is harmful to our health.

Then, if you want to start looking at some of ingredients used in your current products, use the Environmental Work Group's website Skin Deep. Here you can also see here how your products themselves rate on a scale of 1-10 (1 being good, 10 being bad).

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