Maximum Ride

The Angel Experiment

by James Patterson

project by Jabin Mathew
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Why I chose this book

I chose this book because it looked very interesting and that there were going to be a lot of mysteries. I also chose it because it had to do with people with special powers.


Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is about a girl named Max and her "flock" whose names are Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman & Angel. Max and her friends are special compared to other kids because they can fly. They were experimented on by "The School" who are mad scientists who turned them into half bird & half human. They escape from "The School" but now they are being hunted by other mutants called Erasers so now they must figure out a way to survive the environment around them.
Maximum Ride Official Movie Trailer 2011

Quotes & Explanations

Q. "A door opened, and loud footsteps sounded on the linoleum tile. Angel's eyes were panicked in her bruised little face. Fury ignited in me that anything, anyone could make a little girl so afraid." (pg.190)

E. It shows how much Max cared about Angel that she would protect her against anything she faced.

Q."Max, you want answers to the secrets of life, and that's not how it works. Not for anybody, not even you. I'm your friend. Never forget that."(pg. 408)

E. It shows that Jeb always will care about Max but he can't tell her what she needs to know.


This book had many heartbreaking moments, mysteries and a lot of fights. I recommend this book to those who read the Divergent series by Veronica Roth and The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. This book mostly has to do with survival, and great friendship between the "flock".