The Color Wheel

By: Terrynisha, Brooke, Paige, and Brittany

How the Primary Colors Made Secondary Colors

The color God created three colors they were red, blue, and yellow. One day the color God decided he wanted to mix red and blue together and he got purple. Once he created purlpe he decided that he wanted to create more colors, so he mixed red and yellow together to get orange. The next color he created was green, he did that by mixing together blue and yellow. The color God scetched and painted with these colors but eventually he got bored so...

How the Tertiary Colors Were Created

He decided he was going to mix the secondary and primary colors together. First he mixed purple and blue and made blue violet. Then he mixed red and orange together and got red orange. He also mixed yellow and green together and got yellow green. He then mixed blue and green together to get blue green. Then he mixed red and vilot together to get red vilot . He mixed yellow and orange together and got yellow orange, and that is how the colors on the color wheel were created.