Illegal Immagration

Hayden Sandt

Why Is it Happening

  • One of the main reasons for illegal immigration is that Mexico's economy is doing bad
  • 50% of Mexico's population is poor
  • Come to america to find a good place to live and find jobs
  • Get away from the drug wars
  • Better place for their families
So although the illegal immigrants are doing it for all the right reasons it is still illegal, and they should be finding a way to move to america legally because other wise it is hurting us more than it is helping them.

Their Numbers

  • The number of illegal immigrants exceeds the number of legal immigrants
  • It has been like that since the 1990's
  • An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants are living in the United States
  • Around half of that number is estimated to be made up of Mexicans
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Wasting Our Money

  • Last year in Texas illegal immigrants cost tax payers 12.9 billion dollars
  • Taxes paid by those illegal immigrants only amounted to 1.27 billion dollars
  • The cost for illegal immigrants to attend school and have health care builds up a total of 36 billion dollars

Taking American Jobs

  • There are almost 10 million unemployed Americans while there are over 8 million jobs being held by illegal aliens
  • American Labor Unions have been helping illegal aliens get and hold jobs
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How to Fix It

  • Check social security numbers for verification
  • Build more fences to make them go through other border lines
  • Enforce current illegal immigration laws
  • Do not let caught illegal aliens back in once we deport them once

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