Ewing Klipspringer

Bio Poem


Musical, Curious, silent, hungry

Brother to Kyle Klipspringer

Lover of Music, Food, and piano

Who feels happy when playing music, sad when alone, and mad when hungry

Who needs food to live, Robe to relax, and music to enjoy

Who gives music to those who ask, assistance to those in need, and happiness to those who are sad

Who fears embarrassment, woke up, and dying

Who would like to see Carnegie Hall, new pianos, and west egg

Resident of East Egg


Symbol #1

I chose the piano as one of my symbols, because it is one of the first big things we see out of Ewing and it is when Gatsby is trying to impress and present his house to Daisy.

Symbol #2

I chose the robe, because it is the first time you see him and he is in a bathrobe. It shows that he is very relaxed, and since he just woke up from a nap.


" I don't play well. I don't-hardly play at all. I'm all out of prac-" pg 100

I chose this quote because it shows that Gatsby is trying to impress Daisy with his house and make her feel more comfortable. It shows that Ewing is very relaxed because he was woken up by Daisy and Gatsby.