Behind the food

When deciding what to eat, you should consider things like organic food and sanitation, instead of "whats the cheapest". Sanitation in factories was not recognized, workers would handle the food in poor working conditions with their bare hands. And their wasn't any food regulations, so the meat was rotten and the floors were covered in rat droppings.

We need to consider all of these things to benefit everyone because depending on the quality the prices go up or down. The factories then took in immigrants to work for them because they could not find any local people to voluntarily work for them.

Alice Paul

Dear future citizens of America, I am from the Progressive Era, in the 1910's. At the moment we have earned the right to vote! Which took courage, strength, and suprisingly some jail time. Although i hope things are going well in your time, and peace all around America. And there is gender equality in every state.

Furthermore I hope Americans now have as much courage as we did and still do, and the women aren't poorly treated, as we have before you. If so I hope they keep fighting. In the future i dearly desire that women aren't accused for wanting the same rights as men.


Alice Paul

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The Dawes Act was where the President of the United States surveyed Indian land and divided it into allotments for individual Indians. The people that accepted these allotments lived individually from the tribe would be allowed United States citizenship.

Cleveland outs hold on Treaty

President Grover Cleveland, concerned by the events in Hawaii, devastated the public by putting the treaty on hold. Then Cleveland decided to order a suspicious investigation. The investigator's report condemned the rebel against the helpless queen Liliuokalani.
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WWI Propaganda Poster

This was used to help the war by making sure troops have enough supplies like food by eating less wheat and meat products, and eating more corn products instead, and not wasting the food you take.



I think militarism played the largest role in the outbreak of the war because in 1900 Germany started to build a navy that could take the worlds strongest sea power. Germany then enlarged it's army, and supplied their troops with the latest weapons such as machine guns, poison gas, and large artillery. They then began to makeup strategies like the "schlieffen plan" that included precise instructions for waging a two-front war against France and Russia. Many Europeans thought that big and strong military forces would prevent countries from attacking each other. "The supremacy of the British navy is the best security for the peace of the world".

Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse first appeared in theaters with audio in 1928. Mickey Mouse symbolized for everything in the "Roaring 20's" because it's upbeat, popular, and all about family. Mickey Mouse was born on a 4-day cross country train ride by Walt Disney at the age of 26, which included ideas from his family and friends. Mickey's original name was Mortimer but his wife convinced him to change it to Mickey.

Mickey Mouse was and still is a cheerful cartoon with white gloves, yellow shoes, and red shorts. He played the role for everything from a giant killer, cowboy, detective, and inventor. Four years after Mickey was created Walt Disney was granted for the most popular cartoon, and got an Oscar for creating him in 1932.

Finally Walt died in 1966 from complications of lung cancer at the age of 65. Today the lovely mickey still remains, and serves a valuable purpose for all ages by bringing generations through hard times of the Great Depression and years of war.

Great Hero Disappears

Amelia Earhart was an American aviation pioneer and novel writer. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and set many records and wrote many best-selling books about her flying experiences. She was also a member of the National Woman's Party, and a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Many people believe the Electra ran out of fuel and that Earhart and Noonan ditched at sea. Navigator Elgen Long, devoted 35 years of research to the "crash and sink" theory which is the most accepted explanation for Amelia's disappearance.

Interest with her life her disappearance and career live to this day.