A book talk by Michael Hurt

About Game

Game is the second book of the I Hunt Killers seires. It follows the adventures of one Jasper (Jazz) Dent. After his "assistance" with the police back in his home town, Jazz is summoned by a desperate detective to help him find out who is and catch the Hat-Dog killer back in New York. Due do his actions leading up to his fathers' release from jail, Jazz feels that it is his job to find the man - or woman - terrorizing New York. Jazz is already fairly certain he knows who he will find when he gets there. Jazzs' girlfriend, Conscience, also known as Connie, is refusing to let him leave. But Jazz is determined to go to New York. After Connie finds out, she hops on a different plane to New York to avoid telling Jazz that she is following him because she has bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. While Jazz is away, his friend, Howie, is volunteered to babysit Jazzs' sick grandmother. Since Howie is a hemophiliac, Jazz calls his long-gone aunt, Samantha, to help Howie with the job. She is surprisingly willing to come and help, although she is several states away. Samantha is given a very warm welcome by Howie during her stay.


The theme I chose for this book is "Life is but only a game". This theme really fits with the book Game because there is a lot of chance in this book. There are many games being played, even if you don't know it. They are being played on several different levels on many different playing fields.


I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. I personally believe that this one of my favorite books of all time. The only book that would be better than this one is the first one. The reason that this book is so good is because of the transition between books. You have to read the first book in order to realize what is happening in this book because there are references to things you only know if you read the first book, I Hunt Killers.