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SDRD versus Ensenada Roller Derby

-Anne Canter

San Diego Roller Derby’s women and men’s Aftershocks won back to back games on February 22nd in Ensenada, Mexico against the women’s Ensenada All Stars and men’s Lycans, respectively.

SDRD’s women and the Ensenada All Stars faced off first in a half hour bout to start the evening. Jammers included Shanghai Surprise, Snow Bunny, and Samwise Banshee. SDRD also welcomed special guests, Bully Julie and Pinky Pokerface. Final score of the women’s bout: 144 SDRD to 43 Ensenada.

Following the women’s bout, the men took the floor. Players Johnny Guns and Boo from OC Roller Derby’s Chorizo & Eggs team joined the Aftershocks for the evening. This was also the first bout for new Aftershocks members Max and Jorge. The bout started with some fancy footwork on the slick sport court floor by jammers Lambo R. Feeties and Bobby Light. Despite a few long official timeouts, including one that ran over six minutes, the game remained fast-paced and intense, with hard hits coming from Aftershocks blockers against the Lycans. At the end of the first half, the Aftershocks were ahead 104 to 68. The second half of the bout featured several power jams for the Lycans, but none were enough to claim the lead. Lycan jammers #404 Error and #18 Michael each wowed the crowd with some spectacular apex jumps, but it was not enough to catch the Aftershocks’ lead. The bout ended with a power jam for the Lycans, but it was not enough to change the final score: 208 SDRD to 171 Lycans. SDRD would like to thank Roller Derby Ensenada for hosting this bout.

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Home Team's Game 2: Rollin' Ninjas vs Coastbusters!

-Erin Gassaway

With the excitement and cheers still echoing in our ears from game # 1, SDRD had their work cut out for them to bring it for game # 2. Would we be able to match and exceed the level of excitement and attendance? Would fans come back for the next game? Of course they would! With such a season kick off, team loyalties have already started and the competition is kicking up a notch.

The evening kicked off with a pre bout by our amazing Cadettes! Many of our juniors, who are coached by our own SDRD players, are really stepping it up a notch this season! If you haven't seen them play yet this season, make sure you come out to their next game and give them a shout out!

Game # 2 showcased the Coastbusters vs. our game # 1 winners, the Rollin' Ninjas. The Ninjas showed up with masks and rubber ducks, ready to kick some booty. The Coastbusters, however, didn't disappoint, showing up with their mascot, The Coastbuster! He helped them warm up on the track and got the crowd cheering.

The first half kicked off with a bang and the Ninjas did not let their fans down, throwing the first 4 points up on the board. The Coastbusters pushed back and managed to tie the score back up by the 5th jam. The tie didn't last long though as the Ninjas pulled ahead and managed to stay there, ending the first half 28-47.

The second half saw the Ninjas holding there lead, the Coastbusters struggling to put some more points up. Tempers began to flare and hits grew harder as players struggled to assist their jammers. The Rollin Ninjas Mistress Doom was ejected during jam 30. It seems she forgot to leave her naughty words at home. Although the Coastbusters scored some more points, it was not enough to take the lead and the Ninjas won their second game, 61-100.

One noticeable difference in this game were the jaw jarring, bone slamming hits!

With the Rollin Ninjas holding the first place position, the next game, RRA vs. Coastbusters, will determine who the second place team is so far this season. This game is sure to be intense!

Thank you to Skateworld, the NSOs, Refs, and all others who make this league and season possible.

Roller Rebel Alliance versus Coastbusters

Saturday, March 15th, 5pm

6907 Linda Vista Rd

San Diego, CA

It's time for Game Three in the home team season! Wear blue and orange to support the R.R.A. as they

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Give some love to Aussie & Others Rescue

SDRD is proud to have Aussie & Others Rescue San Diego as our March charity.

Congratulations on passing skills: Kim, Kate, Rachel, Renee, June, and Jorge! Welcome to SDRD!

B Stang on Home Teams, Travel & The Future of Derby

-Mistress Doom
When he is not hard at work at Skateworld, Brett Stang is training hard for Team USA, coaching various San Diego Roller Derby teams, or traveling to contribute to MRDA’s number one team (Your Mom). Here, he reflects on what is going on locally, what he gets out of all this skating and what is in still in store for his derby career.

MD: How do you feel about the new home teams?
BStang: I like all the new teams, new colors, and new rules. I think it shakes things up a little bit in the league and pits players against players that you would never see otherwise. I hope that each game is close. The new rule set allows that to happen and I want every game to go down to the wire, but that’s just me being selfish.
MD: What are the best and worst parts of coaching for you?
BStang: The greatest reward is seeing players have the "I got it" moment. That’s why I love coaching new skaters. The biggest disappointments are always the frustration with refs and calls. I know you have to deal with it, but even 7 years later I haven't seemed to learn. I am a guy that thinks the refs should be seen not heard. But, it is what it is.
MD: Is it hard constantly being surrounded by skating?
BStang: Showing up to a roller rink is the best feeling in the world. I don't ever show up like "ugh, I’m here again." I never have that feeling. I hope that I can be around the skating world the rest of my life.
MD: Is it hard on you traveling for derby so much?
BStang: I’m not going to lie, the travel back and forth is stressful. My number one priority is the rink. So, making sure that everything is handled here is first. Flying to Des Moines is the best decision in derby I have made. I would not be on Team USA without getting my name and play out there, San Diego play can only get me so far. To play against the best of the best and win a championship in this sport, in my first year, was awesome. I cannot wait to head to London and play with the world.
MD: What, exactly, is going on with the Aftershocks?
BStang: The men’s league is growing and I love the new guys we have starting up. Thanks to Rowdy and Andrew they have recruited a couple of good guys. Once we go MRDA, I will not have to travel to Des Moines anymore.
MD: What do hope for, for the future of derby?
BStang: Oh, the future of derby. That is a wide question. As long as people are still skating around an oval I don't care what rules they are playing, it’s good for roller skating. I hope that if people cannot like a certain rule set, they find one they like and keep playing.
MD: Thanks for your time Brett Stang! And best of luck!

You can see Brett Stang almost any day at San Diego Skateworld…or come out for a practice or two and see his coaching in full action.

Win the afterparty at Skybox!

Whether your team lost, or even if you watched from the sidelines, you can always win the afterparty! Join SDRD skaters at The Skybox Sports Grill after each game for some celebratory socializing! This is a family friendly venue, so feel free to bring the kids! Get to know your favorite players a little better, or meet some other fans of the game, maybe even play a little karaoke! A portion of your drink order goes back to SDRD, so come celebrate with us!

Skybox is located at 4809 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, California 92117-2706 and we will be there after every game! We'll see you there!

Meet Your New Skaters

Maia Sapinoso aka MaiaGoByYa

-Mistress Doom

My family went to a derby game a while ago and we were all hooked. My home team is Coastbusters. My goal is being able to listen to my coaches and thinking fast when jamming. What competition? Haha. Just kidding!! ;D

Jessica Lynn Gelesko aka Mitten Kitten

I was called Mitten Kitten by a very good friend from back home, in Michigan. I loved the name and it just sort of stuck.

I have always been a pretty competitive person. In soccer I always wanted to play halfback so I could be anywhere on the field and score lots of points. In woodworking I always had to have the most challenging and impressive projects. In pool leagues/tournaments I always had to make sure I took a trophy/money home. I am currently a nursing student, and I get mad if I score a 95% on a test when I could have had 100% or more.

Roller derby seemed like a great way to have a healthy dose of competition, get into awesome shape, and meet some cool people. My expectations have been beyond exceeded. Especially the women. I have never met so many encouraging and awesome women before. I am in love.

My goals for this season are to become a solid player, physically and in skills. I want to be fast. I want to become a killer jammer. I am looking forward to my coaches and team teaching me how achieve this goal.

As far as words for the competition....... watch out, because this kitten scratches!!

Christy Scott aka Miss Quote

I'm a journalist (newspaper reporter/editor). I love my job, and it's a big part of who I am. Watch what you say around me — you might end up in print. ;)

For years I watched several friends embark on their derby-ventures. Last year, when I went and watched my sister-in-law play with the Terminal City Roller Girls, I finally decided to get off my butt, get in shape, and get involved. I bought my first pair of skates last July and attended my first SDRD practice Aug. 25, 2013. I've been in love ever since — I only wish I'd done it years ago. The home team season opener marks my 5-month derby-versary.

I'm making my debut with the Coastbusters — Wootwoot! I'm so lucky to be skating with all of these amazing women. I've got a lot to learn, and am surrounded by a team of strong veterans to learn from.

My expectations for my first season with SDRD are all about skill development. I want to learn all that I can and hone my skills as a skater and a team player. Oh, Ninjas and Rebels — Go ahead and come to the Coast, cuz we're gonna bust you up. :D

San Diego Roller Derby

San Diego Roller Derby is exclusively a flat-track skating derby team. We are a dedicated group of skaters who share the love and passion of roller derby. Together we share a mission: to bring this sport into the limelight and to share with all of you!