Teaching Tolerance

Social Justice 101

SAVE THE DATE- Join us either Wednesday, April 17th or Thursday, June 27th


Social Justice 101

This interactive workshop helps teachers learn how to effectively implement anti-bias instruction in their classroom. Participants will explore practical strategies for accomplishing academic and social-emotional goals side by side. They will discuss learning conditions that honor all identities and reflect diversity, equity, and justice. After exploring ready to use materials, applying rigorous standards and planning ways to incorporate research-based teaching practices, participates will leave the workshop with ideas and tools for transforming their classroom and schools.


For April 17th Equity will pay for registration and your building is responsible for a substitute.

June 27th, Equity will pay for registration and $140 per diem for your attendance.

from www.tolerance.org

Workshop Information

Once registration are complete, attendees will receive an email with information regarding start/end times, location and lunch.