Studying In Ukraine - Europe

Things That Agents Neglect to Tell You

Three Important Factors To Consider

For international (foreign) students who intend to study in Ukrainian universities, the most important documents is a Study Invitation Letter. This letter signifies your educational qualifications and an invitation by the university (in question), to study in Ukraine.
Invitation letters are released by the universities, through the ministry of education of Ukraine.
Study invitation letters are released every year (academic session), as early as April.
Foreign students (candidates) rely on agents, agencies or friends in Ukraine to get access to these letters. Once contacted, these agents, agencies or persons, explains to the candidates the processes and documents needed to obtain a study invitation letter.

But securing a study invitation letter is just, but one of the many steps and documents required to study in Ukraine.
There are pages on our website and publications, that lists all the study requirements (from securing an invitation letter to admission requirements), but for now, I am going to tell you something that most agencies neglect to tell you. The three and most important factors you should consider before applying for a study invitation letter are:
  1. Financial capability of your sponsor throughout your study years
  2. Qualification / Eligibility to study in Ukraine
  3. Access to documents required for: Study Invitation Letter; Document/Visa processing; and Admission into Ukrainian universities.

1. Financial Capability of Sponsor:
Although Ukraine offers one of the cheapest education program in Europe, parents/sponsors must be able to afford the required fees for different necessities. Some of these necessities includes: Tuition fee; accommodation fee; all academic necessities (books, transportation to and from school, etc.), and student living expenses.
Do not listen to desperate agents who tells you that you can work and support yourself. That is not possible, at least, not right now.
I cannot tell you exactly how much you'll need for living expenses, as it varies from one student to another. But I can tell you that, with a non extravagance lifestyle, some students can live for as low as 150$ per month (Accommodation not included).


Did you Know that...
  • Without SAT, TOEFL or any preparatory program,

  • With just your high school certificate,

  • With tuition fee as low as 2000$ (USD),

You can get a quality higher education in Ukraine (Europe)?
2. Qualification/Eligibility:
Some agents or agencies will say YES to every single question you ask. Some of such questions includes:
- Can I study example course in Ukraine?
- With my educational background/credentials, can I study in Ukraine?
- Is the course I want to study available in example language?
- After I'm done with language course, will the other university accept me into my desired course?
- Can I work and support myself? and so on...

You'll be surprise how many NO(s) go with these questions. But your agent says 'YES' to all of them.

Therefore, before applying for a study invitation letter, be sure that a reliable agent/agency in Ukraine assured you that the course you want is available, and in the way you want It.
Also, be sure that your qualifications (especially for Postgraduate students), can secure you the course, and entry into Ukraine.


2013-2014 Academic Session in Progress

Application form for study invitation and admission letter to study in Ukraine in the 2013-2014 academic session is out. Interested and eligible candidates should send their application to us, using our online application form, or download application form on our website.
3. Possession/Access to Required Documents:
Before applying for a study invitation letter, be sure that you have the required documents, or you have access or will have access to such documents, when necessary.
Your international passport for example; be sure that you have a valid international passport, with at least two years validity. Because, if you have an almost expiring passport, it becomes a problem. If somehow you make it pass the immigration, upon arriving in Ukraine, it becomes a problem to register you with an almost expiring passport.
This, although fixable, sometimes results in extra expenses; longer and difficult registration; and above all, unpleasant.
If you do not currently have any of the required documents, before proceeding to obtain them and apply for a study invitation letter, check and make sure that you have enough time to do all these, and meet the last date for admission.

If after considering all these factors, you find yourself both eligible and interested, the next stage is to file an application for a study invitation/admission letter.
This is where you need an agency/agent, such as myself. This stage however, can be done by the university, but working with an agent will be not just helpful, but more easier.
You use an application form, provided by any agency, to apply for a study invitation/admission letter. The agent/agency then submits the application (mostly your documents), to the university you applied to.
The university review your documents, and if eligible, you'll be issued a study invitation/admission letter. These letters confirms that you are eligible to study that particular course in the university and as such, you have been granted admission.
In addition to the above two letters, a confirmation letter is sent to the Ukrainian consulate in your country, or the country you are applying for visa from.

Visa Assurance

The international education program (Training of foreign students ) in Ukraine is genuine, unique and approved by Ukrainian education ministry.
Interested and eligible candidates who posses all the required documents, have a 100% Visa assurance. The embassy is willing and ready to issue visa for study purposes as long as you have the required documents and abide by the rules. Therefore, your chances of securing a visa depends highly on you, not on any agent or agency.
Since I began helping students in 2008, none of my students have been denied visa. This is because I make sure that before they go in for a visa interview, they have the right information and all the required documents.

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