"We are hear to assist"

Considerate assistance for when you need it the most

The family of Eternal Rest Funeral Home's will assist you and your family throughout the trying times of departing with a loved one. We guarantee that your families cultural, economical, and religious needs will be met; as we offer several options between cremations, burials (mausoleum, vault, or ground).

Assistance with decisions to make now:


At Eternal Rest Funeral Home's we have come to realize that each and every family is unique in what they perceive to be a perfect funeral/memorial service. It our mission to ensure that your family experiences this perfect service, no matter what cultural, economic, or religious status you may be.

Funeral and Memorial Options:

Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Let our family assist your family through your trying times. We guarantee that our staff will display a supportive and helpful demeanor so that you and your loved ones can have as positive experience as possible.


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