Origami Owl Team Meeting & Training

Friday December 13th 6:30pm @ The Golden Corral!

Join Us for a Team Meeting and Training!

Please RSVP to reserve your space at the Golden Corral! No Fee! Dutch! Pay & Eat if you like/or not while we talk & learn about each other! Meet your Team Mates! Make Friends & Get Involved! I will also put together several small Training Sessions following w/ Q & A! Mentoring & Team Building! Staying Motivated & Focused! Goal Setting & More! Also Invite your downline or possible recruits! Let's all support each other this Holiday Season and have Love in our hearts for fellow Owl Sisters!

Hoot for the Stars Team Meeting @ The Golden Corral!

Friday, Dec. 13th, 6:30pm

1480 Eastern Blvd

Montgomery, AL

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Give Away & Gift Exchange!

Well it is almost Christmas and we thought it would be so much Fun to also do a Gift Exchange so if you attend please bring a ladies gift wrapped item valued at $10! You will get to exchange your gift with someone else! Also If you attend you will have a chance to WIN 1 of the $50 value Huge Owl Centerpieces from the Hootin Holiday so Hope to See Everyone there for a Hootin Good Time!

Jennifer & Cami Miller

The moto is being a Force for good & putting together these lockets truly have allowed us to be! When we sell Origami Owl we are not just selling Lockets! We are helping ladies who just stumbled upon us, some who have heavy burdens & needed someone to listen as they told their story! Some with lost love ones & needed a way to hold them dear! Some ladies looking for a way to make extra money & meet new friends! We are more than Jewelry Sellers! We are a Team! A team of ladies looking for a way to change our lives, helping others, making a difference even if its with just a sincere smile! Almost a year & a half later of loving/selling Origami Owl we have grew our business beyond our wildest dreams! And you can too! I am devoted as not only a friend to you but as a mentor to help guide you to running an easy & successful home business! Welcome to our Team Hoot for the Stars!!! Together we will all shoot for the Stars!