Emily Dickinson

Female Poet

To change the world-

The world didn't express feelings before Emily's death. They considered feelings a waste of time, she felt the exact opposite. She was in a group called the romantics, to encourage people to show feeling. Emily Dickinson wrote strong poems to express feeling. They weren't informational, but strong and emotional! She was influenced by Leonard Humphrey, principal of Amherst Academy, and a family friend named Benjamin Franklin Newton. Also, the writing of William Wordsworth gave her inspiration in her pieces of writing. She used these inspiring writers to write her own pieces of work. Also, even though she did little traveling, when she did, she was motivated by nature. She wrote two-thousand poems and only twelve were published after her death.


Emily Dickinson was born from a strict background. Her father, Edward Dickinson, was a lawyer. She was born December 10th, 1830 and passed May, 15th, 1886. She attended Amherst Academy and Mount Holyoke College. She missed a lot of school because of illness and deep depression. Emily showed to be very bright in school and through her poems. Emily was very self minded and independent!

Death and Legacy-

Emily was had bad heath and was very ill for about two and a half years. She passed when she was about fifty-six due to her illnesses. She left a legacy of feeling and writing to people who thought it was all about information! She inspired people and changed their minds, that emotions weren't a waste of time.