PGJH Co-Curriculars


PGJH is organized in trimesters.

Each trimester is 12 weeks in length.

Trimester 1 ends: Friday November 11, 2016

Trimester 2 ends: Friday February 24, 2017

Trimester 3 ends: Tuesday June 6, 2017 (or the last day of school if snow days are used)


*All students participate in physical education in grades 6-8.

*Grade 6:

PE for one period daily; 3 trimesters

*Grades 7/8:

PE for one period daily; 2 trimesters

Health one period daily replacing PE for

one trimester.

Health is a state mandated program for grades 7 and 8:

"Illinois requires public schools to provide health instruction within a planned, sequential, preK-12 comprehensive school health education curriculum that includes the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health and well-being. Comprehensive school health education shall be defined as age appropriate instruction that improves the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of students so they choose a health enhancing lifestyle and avoid behaviors that may jeopardize their immediate long term health status. Eleven content areas, including "tobacco, alcohol and other drug education" are identified."

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Art, Music, Spanish

Students in grades 6,7, & 8 participate in art, music, and Spanish co-curricular subjects one period daily, for one trimester.


RtI is a federally mandated program designed to improve academic achievement in reading and math.

Students are selected for RtI in the junior high based on MAP results, progress monitoring, grades in core subject areas, and teacher recommendations.

RtI is one trimester and is scheduled during the co-curricular period. As a result, students scheduled in RtI will miss one of the co-curricular classes (art, music, or Spanish) during the trimester they are scheduled in RtI.

Students can only be scheduled in RtI reading or math during a single trimester, at the end of a trimester teachers and administrators will reevaluate student placement.