Organizations that Help Homeless

By Tyler Rex Spiers

Central Virginia Food Bank

The Central Virginia Food Bank has been giving food to those in need since they have started, and still are continuing. But they couldn't have done it without you, RVA! You can help too, by either donating or volunteering. It's simple, just go to the website, click volunteer or donate, and it'll give you instructions from there! It'll never hurt to help!

Chesterfield Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry

The Chesterfield Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry, other known as CCHASM, has been helping people all across RVA. They been providing not only food, but financial assistance and career clothing to nearby residents in areas such as Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Hopewell, and Prince George. But they haven't doing it completely alone, they have had help from the community! There are two ways to donate to CCHASM. The first way is to go to the home page of CCHASM and click donate and choose to either use your credit card or paypal. The second is that you can use Amazon Smile, which is just like Amazon, but when you buy anything from it, you can choose a specific charity, (Such as CCHASM),and a portion of the money goes to that charity. Hope you choose to help CCHASM! Have a good day.
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Crisis Assistance Response Emergency Shelter

Other wise known as CARES, this organization has been helping people who has suffered domestic violence, housing crisis, or helping stranded travelers by providing meals, shelter, phone access, travel assistance and child care. They assist in areas like Chesterfield, Prince George, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Colonial Heights and Petersburg. You can assist them to by donating on their website! You can donate either money or actual items, such as food, clothing and more! Please donate today, it'll never hurt to help!
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