Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

Where will it be?

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It will capture visible light

The telescope will be 8.4 meters tall and ground based. It will be the largest digital camera on Earth. It will be able to image capture the entire sky recording daily changes which will show time evolution. The goal is to create a "motion picture of the universe". Hopefully, we will be able to see billions of object for the first time and learn more about dark matter and dark energy.
It's location on a mountain near the equator will allow for a good view of the sky with little light pollution
It will also be in a high altitude with dry climate which will result in little cloud cover
The telescope is still being designed and developed and construction will be started once the project receives federal funding.
It will capture 30 Terabytes of data nightly, imaging objects in 6 colors, and will send near immediate alerts when the placement or brightness of an object changes.
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