New to the city! Will she save the day

Insider has planted a bomb in the state of Utah!

Will the world be safe at all? Will Steam be there? Then Steam show up But she had someone with her, Who is this mystery girl? It's Twist the weather girl! They are sisters ,to

defeat Insider they need water! So' they take a trip to the aquarium, but they welded a giant bucket first! Twist and Steam get to the aquarium, all the water is drained and the fish are dead.


What will become of the state!

We look on our villain GPS and insider is in his lair! We go to his lair and see lots and lots of gallons of water in tanks from the aquarium....We rush to empty it but insider finds us , quick. Twist quickly summons a tsunami, " No, I hate water!"He started to melt! " That will be the last of him right now!" Says Twist. Then we go home in an apartment , in Utah. When Steam wakes up ,I eat breckfest. But then I relize " We didn't disable the bomb!" Steam screams, She calls Twist " We need to find that bomb now!" So they locate the bomb. When they get there, they freeze the bomb, they unfreeze the bomb, they touch the red button to disable the bomb! " So, that's that's, I guess" says Twist "Yup" Steam says. And We go our separate ways!

Our Good Friends and Insider

That's the story