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September 4th - 11th

Here's what's happening at Spring Lake...

Hello parents & caregivers! I can't begin to tell everyone how proud I am of our students! They are the real heroes of the pandemic. I am impressed daily when I see how well the children are handling wearing masks, washing hands and generally being responsible and safe. It is truly amazing! THANK YOU to all who have done such a good job supporting your kids as they have come back to school. Things are going well at Spring Lake - LET THE LEARNING COMMENCE!

Here's what you need to know this week:

1) NO SCHOOL MONDAY! Please enjoy your long three day weekend. Happy Labor Day!

2) Please help your child remember to wear their mask every day. We are still having to give out 15-20 masks a day (around 100 a week). Starting next week, we will have students call parents to bring a mask if one is forgotten. The masks we are giving out are nice fabric masks that are reusable. Every child should have a mask (or two or three) they can wear. IDEA: Have students put 2-3 clean masks in their backpack so they always have one when they get to school.

3) We are having a problem with students bringing juice, punch and pop in their water bottle. It has always been a rule that these items aren't allowed in classrooms on a daily basis. ONLY WATER IN WATER BOTTLES PLEASE!

4) Last week I sent an email about safety with morning & afternoon crossing on 1800 S. Hopefully you received and read through it and are familiar with how things are being handled.

5) This is just a reminder that cars should not enter the bus lanes in the morning or after school. Please drop off and pick up in the appropriate lanes on the south and north sides of our front parking lot.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Mrs. Jordan

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Our PTA will be holding their general board meeting next week on Thursday, September 10th at 9:30 AM. They will be meeting outside under the pavilion just across the street from the school near the LDS church and are planning to safely social distance (please wear a mask).

Everyone who is a member of PTA or thinking of joining is invited to attend! Please plan to attend. We would love to have your ideas and input on our PTA this year.

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We have worked very hard over the past few years to purchase and maintain digital devices (chromebooks or iPads) for ALL students. By the end of this school year we will be ONE-TO-ONE, meaning we have a device at school for every student. We made this goal with our School Community Council back in 2018 and didn't realize then how important it would turn out to be in 2020.

This week our school librarian, Mrs. Stevenson and assistant secretary, Mrs. Fechner worked with teachers to get chromebooks "PRE-CHECKED OUT" to students in the event that a student, class, or even the whole school has to go to remote learning because of quarantine or isolation. We have done this to be proactive and to make the transition easy and seamless if it becomes necessary. These devices will remain at school, but if they need to come home, they are ready to go without hassle for parents. Please make sure you have signed the half-sheet note that came home this week to indicate whether or not you give permission or need a device at home.

I have recently received some feedback from a parent who is concerned about the amount of time being spent on Chromebooks at school. I want to explain that we are trying to prepare students for BLENDED LEARNING which is a mixture of face-to-face and virtual learning.

We have set a goal that every child at Spring Lake will be taught how to log on to a device by themselves, how to access reading tools such as iReady Reading, iReadyMath, RAZ Kids, Google Classroom and SeeSaw. I have asked teachers to train students on how to complete and turn in a digital assignment. I have asked them to practice a "REMOTE LEARNING" day where they take students through exactly what it would look like if they had to attend class virtually.

We want to empower students to be in charge of their own learning and take the lead on learning if they have to learn from home. I promise that plenty of face-to-face learning is taking place in addition to time spent on chromebooks.


Mrs. Faux, our amazing new Health and Wellness teacher wanted me to share the following letter for parents about our newest class at Spring Lake.


This year at Spring Lake Elementary we have introduced a new weekly Health and Wellness class. Each lesson is 30 minute long and is taught to our 1st - 5th grade classes. (The 5th grade classes will start receiving this instruction once they are finished with keyboarding in mid September.)

Our new Health and Wellness Technician is Catryna Faux. She is excited to be working at the school and teaching Health and Wellness lessons. This information is so needed and important to helping our students understand and learn the connections between mental, physical, social, and emotional health and how learning these skills can help them in every aspect of their lives. If you have concerns, or questions or lesson content you would like discussed with the students please feel free to contact Catryna at catryna.faux@nebo.edu

Over the past two weeks, the following topics have been discussed . These topics can make great dinner time conversations with your children.

Family Dinner Discussion Question you could ask your children:

Creating Healthy Relationship Questions: (overview of content discussed is further down in the article)

  • I read that you are receiving Health and Wellness classes each week in school. What did you learn last week about creating healthy relationships?
  • How do you act when you want to create a healthy relationship?
  • What types of healthy relationship behaviors do you see in our home?
  • Do you see areas where we can improve our family relationships?
  • How do our family rules help us have better relationships?
  • How does keeping our family rules give you more freedom?

The Differences Between Acting Rude or Mean and Bullying questions to ask: (overview of content discussed is further down in the article)

  • You had a lesson this week about the differences between being rude, mean and bullying? Do you remember what the differences are? (intent, frequency)
  • How can you respond respectfully when someone is rude or mean to you? (Confront them and talk about it respectfully, or ignore it and don't worry about it.)
  • What was the book about that was shared in the lesson? (The Recess Queen)
  • A video clip was shared of a boy who had been bullied? How did it make you feel? Why is the Golden Rule a good rule to follow? (Treat others as you would want to be treated)

Overview of Creating Healthy Relationships :

  • Knowing how to have healthy relationships, at home, school, with friends and in the community will help you in every aspect of your life.
  • Healthy relationships are based on these fundamental characteristics:
    • Respect
    • Kindness
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Healthy Communication
  • Healthy Relationships lead to understanding, empathy, collaboration, creativity, authenticity, freedom and success.
  • Unhealthy relationships lead to mis-understandings, selfishness, hate, pain, an imbalance of power, loneliness, frustration, fear, captivity and failure.

Overview of, The Differences Between Being Rude, Mean, and Bullying :

  • Rude: When someone is being rude they are not usually intentionally trying to hurt someone. They are just being thoughtless and not thinking about how their actions might affect others.
    • How to Respond to Rude Behavior: When someone is acting rude to you: 1. you can confront the person and talk with them in a kind, calm, respectful manner or 2: You can ignore it and let it go. When confronted with their rude behavior, the person is usually willing to acknowledge their behavior as being inappropriate and apologize.
    • On most occasions, when someone is being rude, children can resolve the problem on their own without seeking help from a parent or teacher.
  • Mean: When someone is acting mean their intent is to hurt or harm you. Usually, mean behavior happens only once or twice. When the person is respectfully confronted the problem can be resolved and the mean behavior decreases.
    • How to Respond to Mean Behavior: Remember, you are in-charge of your own happiness. You can choose how to respond to others' bad behavior. Again, you can respectfully confront the person or ignore it and let it go. Sometimes seeking the help of a trusted adult is needed to help resolve the problem especially if emotions are elevated and someone is physically or emotionally hurt.
  • Bullying: When someone acts like a bully their intent is to hurt/harm you. They want control and a good reaction from the person being bullied. Also, a person who is acting like a bully is behaving this way repeatedly and without regret. When confronted the bully doesn't seem to care and the bad behavior doesn't change.
    • How to Respond to a Bully: If respectfully confronting the person isn't working, please seek help from a trusted adult. Continued hurtful behavior can lead to lasting psychological and emotional problems that may need help from a counselor/therapist to work through for both the victim and the perpetrator.

For further information or to review the full slide show that the children saw see:

Upcoming dates...


September 10: PTA GENERAL MEETING @9:30AM




October 15-16: FALL BREAK - NO SCHOOL

October 26-29: RED RIBBON WEEK