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NEWSLETTER WEEK 6 - Friday 12th February 2016

A Message From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

As the week draws to a close I am pleased to report on the final few days of this half of term.

I would like to congratulate the Year 7s for their mature and focused approach to school exams over the past week. I have had many reports of their positivity towards these assessments. Well done to you all.

This has also been ARK Week (Acts of Random Kindness) at school and I have been pleased to see so many examples of children going out of their way to be kind to each other (and the staff!). I enjoyed watching yesterday’s excellent Lent Buddies assembly, conducted by Mr Cripps and Mr Piper. For those who are new to the school this year, Lent Buddies is a programme that encourages kindness to others. It is held in the Prep School and the name of every member of staff and every pupil is put into a box and each member of the community draws out a name. For the period of Lent, they are responsible for looking out for that person and going out of their way to be kind to them and give up some time each week to see how they are getting on in school – it is also a wonderful way for children to get to know someone new. Of course, we are approaching half term and so this will begin in earnest after the break, but the children now know who their Lent Buddy is. It is always very popular and already I have spent some time chatting to my Lent Buddy, who is in Year 4. The Pre-Prep have been focussing on excellent table manners too and I was impressed to see so many excellent examples of this during lunch! The ARK Board, outside of Ms Lyle’s Office, is filling up with examples of kindness that staff and children have experienced this week. It is all part of our focus on spreading kindness throughout the school and for children to understand that this is the part of school life that underpins everything.

We have also been marking Chinese New Year in the Pre-Prep and Prep School and I particularly enjoyed seeing the Pre-Prep Chinese dragons and their giant version too - very creative indeed!

Today, we have been raising money for a very worthwhile cause and one that is very important to Handcross Park at this time. Before Christmas, one of our former pupils, Paddy Crawford-Clarke, tragically died in a car accident. Paddy was not long into his engineering career – his name appears as a music scholar on our honours’ board in the Chapel. There is also a cake sale at the end of the day raising money for CCHF 'All About the Kids Charity' and Mr and Mrs Crawford-Clarke (Paddy’s parents) will be present to help serve the cakes. We are so pleased they have been able to join us in the afternoon. Please do support the cake sale when you collect the children at the end of the day.

I hope you have an enjoyable half term. I do want Year 8s to strike a sensible balance between preparing for their exams and taking time off from their work and they have been spoken to about how they organise their week.

Have a good break and thank you as ever for your support this term.

Be Trewe

Graeme Owton


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Isabel Carter, Carlson Cheung, Henry Williams, Molly Bates, Zach Whorlow, Alexandra Hirons

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A note from the Chair

I cannot quite believe that we are at the end of this half term, but the day has arrived. I am going to take the opportunity in today’s “Note from the Chair” to remind you of the up and coming events and where your help would be much appreciated:

- The FHXP Ball is being held on 18 June 2016. Tickets are now on sale. Please do take advantage of the early bird ticket price. As a reminder, this is an adult only event.

- There is still space for more teams for the Quiz on 5 March 2016. Please forward your request for a table to Cathryn (cvmpernstich@btinternet,com).

- If you have any ideas or suggestions for stalls/activities for the Summer Fair, please let your Year Rep know. We want to start planning this event very soon.

Wishing you a restful week.

See you on 22 February.


P.S. Did you know that Lady Gaga was the first person to reach 10 million followers on Twitter?

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To Alexander Mikheev and Victor Chan for extending their learning outside the classroom and so expanding their grammatical, lexical and general knowledge.

To Harry Prescott for completing extra homework in his own time and presenting it to the class.

To Gennady Vilinov for always working diligently in lessons, no matter what the subject.

To Jack Groves for independent work and for going the 'extra mile'

To Sam Carragher for being very honest and handing in some money which he found in the Boarding House.


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What a busy week it has been for the boarders!

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Effort: Sandy Button

Dining Room Etiquette: Isla Bertelsen

Courtesy: Karim Nakouzi

Year 4

Effort: Edward Broadley

Dining Room Etiquette: Jack Groves

Courtesy: Yssy Nightingale


Please remember to let us know in the surgery if your child has suffered with any childhood infectious diseases over the holiday period. We would also like to know of any changes to your child’s Health, Allergy or Vaccination status. Please inform us on nurse@handxpark.com so we can keep their personal health records up to date.


Congratulations to Eno Nto who has been chosen to play for the ISFA South East Squad 2016.

Also to Ben Beard and Nathan Frost who have qualified for the U14 Sussex Hockey Championship Squad for this year. Ben as a goalkeeper and Nathan as an outfield player. The boys have gone through 2 stages and many hours of assessment to get to this selection. Well done boys!


Celebrations continued this week, with more plate painting and Chinese themed food. Children have been enjoying the two eye-catching dragons displayed by the dining hall to showcase their plates. Thanks to Miss Zeng for achieving this with so many students in such a short space of time, and to Miss Butler for her creative inspiration. Here are some pictures of the dragons and a video from the Pre-Prep.

Chinese Dragon


Second Hand Sale – Including Summer Uniform & Cricket kit

There will be a second hand uniform sale on Friday the 26th Feb from 8am – 10 am & 3pm – 5pm

If your child has outgrown any of the summer uniform or cricket kit this would be an ideal opportunity to bring it to the school shop for re-sale prior to this date.


It is so lovely to see so many parents attend our match teas on a Wednesday afternoon. Please could we politely remind parents that the teas are provided for parents only. Many thanks.


Create independent Learners


This week the entire school met to hear about the meaning of Lent, we then chose at random our lent buddies, those people that we will keep in the fore front of our minds and try to be especially kind towards. Even the Headmaster got to choose.

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Finstagram Parent Guide


Another very busy week in the Music department, all groups practising hard for the end-of-term concerts and festivals. Jazz band sounded fantastic in rehearsal honing their improvisation skills.

Matthew Unwin passed his Trinity Grade 3 Guitar exam – well done to him!

Drama News:

LAMDA Taster sessions are almost finished. A form will be sent out to all pupils who have had a taster session if they wish to apply for lessons. Our thanks to the parents and children for all their support with this.

The Lower School production of Disney’s ‘The Lion King – Kids’ is coming on a treat! (Picture 2). The children are very excited and parents will have received info on costumes, etc. The production will be filmed, please pre-order your copies with Mrs McMorran, they are likely to cost about £5 each.

‘Into the Woods’ auditions for Year 7 pupils will be held the Wednesday after half-term. A timetable has been sent out and is also up in the Music School. Good luck!


Active Kids vouchers are back! Thanks to your generosity we were able to order lots of sports equipment in 2015 which the children are now benefiting from in their Games and PE lessons. Active Kids 2016 promises to be better than ever and we would again be very grateful for your vouchers. Please place these in the box on the table in the Front Hall of the Prep School.

Thank you for your support. Mr Evans



200 House Points: Maudie Watts Williams, Archie Rhodes, Sam Carragher

300 House Points: Cameron Chatt, Bobby Choi, Willem Paskins


100 House Points: Henry Oakden

200 House Points: Alec Lytle, Sam Lytle, Dylan O'Brien, Gracie Bentley

300 House Points: Xavier Combe-Law, John Coveney, Sofia Urwick


200 House Points: Juliette Davis. Frances Iveson, Alexander Els, Nathan Frost


200 House Points: Jack Groves, Edward Alexander, Lorna Breen, Isabella Findlay, Charlie Maynard, Kaiya Henry, Remi Adeniji

300 House Points: Albert Sheldon, Gabrielle Brookes






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After the success of the Royal wedding last week it has been a little calmer in Reception. We have been revisiting numbers and had to rescue the superheroes from Mr. Evil Number Cruncher’s number problems. Having solved the crimes, the children all received a certificate welcoming them to superhero school. As well as this, Reception have learnt about Pancake Day, China (where Snow White and the Prince are honeymooning) Chinese New Year making their own dragons, music and dance and even mastered the art of chopsticks!

Year 1 have been investigating what sort of food astronauts eat on the ISS. We learned that food doesn’t taste as good in space because you can’t smell it and they have to re-hydrate most things before they eat it. Their oven looks like a briefcase! We experimented with de-hydrated food and made a delicious dish of noodles. We looked at space ice-cream, but found it strange that it was hard and not cold. We think we prefer the ice-cream we have on Earth. The astronauts on the ISS only have 1 or 2 pieces of fresh fruit every few months when they get re-supplied with food and water. How lucky we are on Earth!

Whilst still in China, Wally has been learning an ancient poem about a girl named ‘Mulan’, famous for disguising herself as a boy and going off in place of her ailing father. The theme was familiar to many in its Disney version, but we studied the original, writing character profiles of the heroine and sequencing events on a ‘Story Mountain’, before writing the tale in our own words, including interesting adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions where possible. Mr Gayler is looking forward to reading them all and choosing a selection to be displayed in our corridor!



RS Ciara Millard

RM Elleha Makeem

1W Archibald Bates

1D Naa'il Hussain

2L Maisie Heywood

2R Annabel Skerrett


Reception - Samuel Trott, Louis Moseley Davis, Olivia Smith, Zachary Stein, George Musgrave, Thomas Reynolds, Isla Appadu, Zachary Ford, Zach Collison

Year 1 - Oliver Trowell, Molly Cumberland, Charlotte Oarton, Louise Slade, Lily Hollis, Jemimah Davies, Jocelyne Sturgess, Henry Kennell

Year 2 - Harry Irving, Sebastian Sheldon, Imogen Paskins, Emmeline Davis, Ellen Thorne, Rosie Dobbs, Subhan Khan, Catie Robbins


Sebastian Bjorn, Danielle Ikhide, Charlotte Oarton


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Lucy Ball, Darcey Chelmick, Max Dinning, Zachary Ford, Beatrice Hogarth, Ava King, Thomas Reynolds, Max Billington, Louis Moseley Davis, Olivia Smith, Molly Cumberland, Simon Wakefield, Henry Williams, Iris Tsitoura, Alexander Tistoura, Emilia Lynch, Hannah Bushell, James Guy, Carys O’Brien, Sebastian Sheldon, Rory Dawson, Rosie Dobbs, Isabella Price, Jemimah Davies, Lily Hollis, Oliver Lindsay.


RS - Max Billington

RM - Darcey Chelmick

1W - Millie Wakefield

1D - William Shelton

2R - Benjamin Smith

2L - Arianne Docherty



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RED 90



LITTLE OWLS..........

This week our theme has been “ all about me”, we have been drawing around the children and then looking in the mirror and identifying our facial features, talking about hair colour and length. We have identified how we are the same and how we are different.

On Shrove Tuesday the Little Owls enjoyed pancakes at snack time, trying out new flavours and choosing favourite ones!

Our Role Play area has been transformed into a dressing up room complete with props. The children have enjoyed becoming policemen, keeping law and order inside and outside the classroom . The firefighters have come to the rescue putting out fires with their hoses and the builders have saved the day by building walls that have been blown down in a very big storm!

WISE OWLS ........

We have had the most amazing week to end the first half of our Spring Term in Wise Owls. The children have been delighting us with their imaginative play as we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have had many budding chefs preparing stir-fries in the Chinese restaurant and their customers have been dressed up in traditional silk outfits. In the writing area we have been practising to write some Chinese characters and have been making ‘lucky money’ envelopes.

As many of our children are showing an interest in dinosaurs, we have had a Science Area with frozen dinosaur eggs and have seen many potential scientists at work here. The children have been using pipettes and warm water, together with small tools, to melt the eggs and release the dinosaurs from the ice. The Role Play area has also been busy as it has become a Baby Dinosaur Clinic.

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