Criminal Law

Consequenses of Breaking the Law

  • Criminal law consist of law written by congress and state legislatures that made certain types of behavior illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment.


  • Those who are found guilty of breaking civil law do not go to prison

Proof of Guilt

  • The burden of proving a person guilty in a criminal trial is greater.


  • In a civil case, a single person brings suit. In criminal cases, society is also considered the victim of the crime.

Types of Crime

Crimes Against a Person

  • Which the criminal's aim is harm to the victim physically.

Crimes Considering Property

  • Which the criminal tries to steal or damage the victim's property.

Penalties for Crimes

Because a crime is considered an act against a community, not just against a victim, the government punishes criminals. A prosecuting attorney brings charges against the defendant for the government on behalf of all citizens.

  • To make criminals suffer for breaking the law and pay back society for the damage caused.
  • To physically stop criminals from hurting anyone else. This May be done by putting criminals in jail.
  • To convince criminals not to break the law again and to discourage anyone who is thinking about committing a similar crime.
  • To make criminals see that they did something wrong and help them change their ways.

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