Influences of Food Choices

By: Annie Funk

Physical Needs

Food you would need for survival, hunger, health status, and energy level are....

A lot of healthy fruits and vegetables along with meat. Overall you would need to eat a balanced plate to satisfy your food needs.

Phycological Needs

Again you would need something healthy if you wanted to think of your body image. But if you just went threw a breakup or something emotionally insetting, you would eat chocolate or and type of junk food that you like.

Personal Preference

For foods that you just want to eat, you are typically attracted to those foods because of what they look like, smell like or just because they taste good!

For me i love chocolate chip cookies and i am attracted to them because of how they smell in the oven, how they look when they come out, and because they taste good.

Food Availability

There are so many fruits that are in season at different times in the year so if your favorite fruit is in season in the spring, you may have a hard time finding some that is good enough for you to eat.

Social Settings

You eat different things wherever you go.

Like, if i go to a Mexican restaurant I might get and Enchilada, but if I go to the Movies, I would get Popcorn and some type of candy.

Society and Culture

Depending on what your religion or culture is, you typically eat different things.

In some religious groups it isn't uncommon to fast.

In different cultures their are many diverse things to eat.

Like Mexican foods, Italian foods, German foods, and so many more!