Weeding and Seeding

in the Library


Freshwater Library Committee:

It's that time of year. As you folks are weeding your flower beds and gardens, I'll be starting to weed the library of the Non-Fiction books. Weeding ensures that our library's materials are useful, attractive, and accessible to our patrons. Collections must change over time to reflect changes in the school community and in the library's goals.

Those materials that will be weeded will include:

  • Publishing date of 1970 and earlier
  • Adult reading/comprehension/complexity level
  • Worn beyond mending or rebinding
  • Multiple copies with no traffic history, leaving 1 copy

Items that will NOT be weeded include:

  • Local History
  • School Publications
  • Materials with current traffic history
  • Antiquities

There is a "pecking order" before any material can be given away to parents or the Garbage Man.

  1. Depending on the district, a list of titles and publication dates are given to either the board members OR to the members of the Library Committee. (No list, please come and look)
  2. Credentialed staff can preview and keep in their classrooms.
  3. Classified staff can preview and keep.
  4. Parents/Students
  5. Garbage

So far, I have weeded the first 2 cases. Please come in with your classes and look through these old, non-fiction books. Look for materials that a) you would use in your classroom, b) titles that should be replaced, and c) books that should be kept in the library.

Seeding the "Garden"

Last spring, our purchases were concentrated on social studies for grades 4-6, with a few additional supporting read-alouds for grades 1-3. This year, I'd like to concentrate on our Animal Science section.

Many of these materials are duplicates of the more basic animals, or they have adult reading/complexity levels. Many grades use this section for their animal reports. I feel we need a wider range of reading levels, as well as a broader selection of animals to choose from.

I'm placing a large order from the Scholastic Dollars Catalog using the FREE money that was earned last May. These titles are all hardcover, library-bound, non-fiction materials to be housed in the library, and used in the classrooms. So far, animal books with reading levels of grades 1-2 and grades 3-5 are prevalent on my list, with life cycles, Folk and Fairy Tales being added.

If you have any Needs or Wants, please let me know! I'll be order 'seeds' in July also.